It’s a bit awkward seeing my corporate PR photo staring back at me so I want to emphasise what an awesome team we have working on all of this. A thread…

Our most experienced user-centred design leads are working across nationally significant NHS services. We don’t get everything right, and there’s always more to do, but I’m convinced that having these roles is already making our services better

We’re getting a better understanding of user-centred design maturity across our product development teams, so that we can provide assurance that every service we deliver will be founded on user research and will meet user needs

We’re re-starting user-centred design training for everyone in our directorate, and stepping up work to help all our colleagues to understand barriers to access to our products and services

We’re giving our user researchers the operational support they need to do their best work, including support for remote research, and looking forward to the opening of our own user research lab in the new Leeds Government Hub

We’re using end-to-end service design and user insights to identify opportunities and drive outcomes across our portfolio, with some great work on a user-centred service catalogue to describe what we do in words everyone can understand

We’re demonstrably delivering value to NHS Digital and the wider health and care system, this week with the launch of the NHS Digital Design Matters blog, and a User Centred Design Industry Group in partnership with NHSX and Tech UK


We couldn’t do any of this without the assistance of our brilliant team administrator, helping to run the user research participant panel, as well as scheduling Product Development show and tells and Coronavirus UCD community meet-ups

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I'm very fortunate to be working with this brilliant group of humans, and I hope you'll hear more from them all on the blog in the coming weeks and months

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