At the Empower the Person conference a year ago, we asked participants what an NHS service manual might be. Today, Adam, Dean, Ian and Polly presented a redesigned website, a frontend kit, and service manual. Great work, team :)

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Study shows that countries that permit Facebook's beloved "zero rating" programs end up with more expensive wireless data

Last weekend to apply for the job of Lead User Researcher on the national NHS website for England. Come and coach our team of user researchers based in London

Inspired and exhausted in equal measures after my first week on NHS Leadership Academy . A lovely cohort to be part of. A tiny bit envious of those with long journeys home to decompress

Applications close on 10 Feb. Happy to arrange an informal discussion if you'd like to know more about the role

You'll also play a vital role in the leadership of NHS Digital, looking after all our user researchers based in London, and helping the NHS grow its own talent through our UCD graduate programme

Applications close on 10 Feb. Happy to arrange an informal discussion if you'd like to know more about the role

You'll lead user research on the UK's biggest health website, with more than 43 million visits per month

Some context: Our vision for digital in health and care states that _every_ service must be designed around user needs. I reckon that makes lead user researcher on the NHS website one of _the_ most important jobs in and today

In case you missed it, we're looking for a leader to inspire and coach our team of user researchers on the national NHS website

‪Here’s the team behind our NHS digital design principles, accessibility guidance, NHS Frontend and more, sharing their work and thinking in the open. Hope you can join us on the 14th‬ ‪

Not often I get to hire for a role as important as this one: lead user researcher on the national, patient-facing NHS website. Please take a look and share with your networks. Thank you!

I ask for a “small” black Americano.

The Starbucks worker takes my order as “tall”.

She asks my name.

“Matt, I say.”

She writes it down with only one T.

First stop today: observing user research on the NHS website. My Mastodon profile tells me the last time I did this was 4 December. That’s too long :(

From leading gov digital transformation exemplar #1 to exemplary empathetic leadership of . Thank you Kit! Don’t ever reel yourself in

On NHS jobs site this morning (
Jobs adverts mentioning "service redesign": 106
Jobs adverts mentioning "service design": 0
Vacancy titles containing the word "designer": 0

‪18 months as a health and care insider and the term “service redesign” still bothers me. It implies that: 1. we start from a legacy service, and 2. design is discontinuous‬. Why not just ?

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