Teams also talked honestly about the pressure to deliver (already high before this crisis) and how adjusting to remote working is not always easy for user researchers and designers

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50+ colleagues joined our show and tell this morning as Dean showed the new Isolation Note service. So proud of our teams for keeping up their user-centred, agile ways of working under immense public expectations and pace of delivery

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As of this morning, are publishing management information about journeys users take (111 online and in 111 telephone) through the COVID-19 triage pathway #COVID19

Also, how exhausting the writing style of Cluetrain was, even then

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This week of remotely peeking into my colleagues' homes, with fleeting glimpses of young family members, put me in mind of a classic line from the Cluetrain Manifesto. Let's never go back to Fort Business

Down to our last Tunnock.
There are five of us confined to this house, and I've only had one teacake...

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Another long week for teams working on solutions for #covid19. The last few days have involved particularly intense collaboration, across organisations, between teams that hadn’t met a week ago. It’s not obvious to everyone just how significant an achievement this is. Stamina++

Maybe in calmer times, you got away with the spurious assurance that you'd fix accessibilty in the next release. Sorry, that just won't wash right now. We need your service to work for everyone, asap

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Seeing some brilliant, rapidly spun up services to help people through this difficult time. Obviously trade-offs have to be made, but there's one corner we cannot afford to cut: digital

A solid set of user needs, problem definitions and service patterns in the Book, Refer and Manage Appointments end-of-discovery show and tell. When the current crisis is over, I hope we will channel our care and creativity into doing this stuff much, much better

Halved the number of unreads in my mailbox by culling all the unsolicited invites to online seminars in how to do remote collaboration

Catching up on this morning's NHS.UK show and tell deck. These three slides about user research caught my eye

And Mike is right of course, we owe it to our to learn from the results of their brilliant work now, so what's heroic in this exceptional time becomes sustainably embedded in the future

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Day 4: "Please do not put PostIt notes on the cat" is an actual thing I said today

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Today please send some love to your . They're on the front line of a massive public information effort, helping reconfigure whole services at a dizzying pace, rolling out and scaling up remote triage and consultation

With schools closing, children are really going to need this boost of play and creativity. Please consider backing Emma and her band of freelancers to take Maker's Club 100% online

Today's remote working win: a 3-team, 35-person show and tell entirely by Microsoft Teams, and nobody had to be asked to go on mute 👌

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