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So dear digital buddies... can anyone share thinking/learning on Virtual Assistants for LocalGov websites... our context is 70% Mobile Access. (It’s the ‘I want an App!’ of the ‘20s)

In a Channel 4 documentary about my school's pioneering network of BBC Micros, I was filmed emailing a teacher to say I couldn't go cycling because my bike had a puncture

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Another win for the power of open source in the NHS!
I noticed an accessibility bug with a new service. I reported it on GitHub. It was fixed the next day.
Go team!

The solutions: more trust in teams, more frequent releasing. It's really hard to break out of this spiral because those things are so counter-intuitive for leaders steeped in command and control

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Pleased to announce that is now part of the Open Collective UK family! It costs around £360 a year to run the server, so if you can, please set up a small regular donation at to keep us going!

"Desire is your measure of how much a user will persist, in getting your product. Or to put it another way, how much nonsense they’re willing to withstand, in order to get your product."

I can see from comments on social media that opinions are mixed. The people who love the blocks editor are the ones who tinker with the engineering of it. The people who hate the blocks editor are the ones who, erm, write and edit blogs

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Been writing my personal blog on since 2006. This blocks editor thing makes me worry that WP has gone the way of Ballmer-era Microsoft, focusing on developers, developers, developers, at the expense of users, users, users

Working from home day 110

Self-care is sending to town for a fresh supply of Sharpies

As Alan Cooper said, life's too short for shitty markers

Nurture balanced teams, with mutual respect at all levels. When they work together, social scientists and creatives play a crucial role in channelling and amplifying the impact of talented data scientists and software engineers

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I know from my experience in an engineering-led telecoms giant that the solution is not to create a science, technology, engineering and maths (“STEM”) monoculture

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It is often observed that science and engineering struggle to be heard in the upper echelons of politics and policy-making (so too do service design and user research BTW)

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Seeing talk of the roles of physical and social sciences in decision-making and delivery. As a profession lead for user research, design, and other digital roles, I have Opinions.
Spoiler alert: we need them both, in multidisciplinary teams

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