“Everyone should know a little bit about user-centred service design” - Tero Väänänen and Rochelle Gold have created a course that we intend to deliver to 700 NHS Digital colleagues this year link.medium.com/O5DpXOLDj3

Our brilliant getting a masterclass in hard and soft power from Andrew Greenway, product manager for the original government service standard and manual

If you want to understand the impact of this framework, consider that LinkedIn recently identified user researcher and content designer as among the fastest growing roles in the UK for 2020. Neither would exist in the form they do without GDS and DDAT

Well done to the team at GDS for simplifying presentation of the Digital, Data and Technology Profession Capability Framework. The first place to go for anyone hiring specialists or developing their own skills in digital gov.uk/government/collections/

"When we entered into an agreement... we could not have foreseen the progress in technology..."

Your honour, I rest my case.


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We’re looking for help with venues in London for this year’s @ukhealthcamp@twitter.com.

If you think you can help us, please do get in touch :) #ukhc20
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We’re starting to look at options for UK Health Camp 2020! We@ukhealthcamp@twitter.coming it back to London this year 🏙

First point of order is to find a venue.

Do you have, or know of, a venue in London which might like to support UK H…

Favourite lunchtime sandwich shop has updated its till software so staff have to ask if you want a receipt before they take your payment.

That's. Not. How. It. Works.

Thanks to a brilliant team working across NHS Digital, NHSX, and other health and care national organisations for making this happen

Events in Leeds and London, and even if you can't join in person, you can contribute suggestions of topics to discuss

How can we attract the best digital, data and technology talent to work in health and care? Come and join us at these DDaT unconferences to help move our profession forward

Looking back at three goals I wrote for my working life in 2010, and how things actually turned out (spoiler alert: OK) blog.mattedgar.com/2020/01/04/

Baked bread for breakfast; fixed something that was wrong on the internet. Starting 2020 as I intend to go on

Looking back at family photos from 2009. Phones have changed A LOT since then

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The day has arrived! ProtonCalendar is now in open beta. Stay organized and stop corporations from spying on your schedule. Paid users can begin testing it today. Full details here: protonmail.com/blog/protoncale

... the war artist Herbert Olivier for having the foresight to retrieve the doodle from the negotiating table (I've just updated his Wikipedia page to add this achievement) ... en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Herbert_

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