When applying, please speak to us about how we might be able to accommodate a flexible working arrangement. If it works for the service, we will do our best to make it work for you

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* Experience leading strategy and change in large complex health and care environments
* Excellent user centred design understanding, especially in the health and care context
* Experience of championing diversity and inclusion

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Like many NHS job descriptions, this one is far too long. (Sorry!) To pick out 3 things I hope applicants will bring, it's these...

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We have lots to do, and so we're hiring. Come and work with my awesome colleagues, and me, in this new role as Head of Transformation Strategy for Digital in Urgent and Emergency Care

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I recently joined the Digital Transformation Directorate in NHSX. We're here to change the way people in the health and care system design and deliver services by applying approaches that are agile and user-centred

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End of Bank Holiday scenes: spouse turns on laptop to quickly check what time she's due in work tomorrow. Enforced Windows 10 update begins. Only "90 to 190 minutes" of bluescreen wackaging before she can accomplish this simple task

"The funny thing about big legacy modernization projects is that technologists suddenly seem drawn to strategies that they know do not work in other contexts" link.medium.com/jfqww9xkLfb

Sunday morning cycle to...

... a motorway service station

which in the current circumstances is quite a novelty

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✅ Drove spouse to vaccination
✅ Took stuff to tip
✅ Quick trip to supermarket
✅ Got own first dose of AZ and have a sticker to prove it
🛋️ No plans for rest of day

Digital accessibility friends, @ me your opinions on leaderboards based on automated tests across sites in a sector. Useful tool to raise awareness, or risk of complacency about the need for manual tests too?

Since I refuse to believe that experienced colleagues are really scared of little squares of paper, what could it be about the way they're used, or how the associated methods are framed, that elicits such an extreme reaction?

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Thing I've heard a few times recently when discussing the stories of past initiatives: "The PostIt notes didn't go down well"

Arriving at my homeworking desk this morning, I find a discarded facemask and an empty Tunnock's wrapper. Like I've been visited by a crap lockdown Milk Tray man in the night

1. What is it like for our users right now?
2. What is the strategic intent?
3. Do we have all the capabilities we need?

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