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My fediverse / ...

I live in and work for England in and

Here I post a mix of work-related stuff (all views my own), and random history geekery

I give blood ❤️, add ALT text to my images 🖼️, and make monthly donations to my instance host 💰

There's some new infrastructure for horseless carriages too, apparently. Didn't fancy joining them here

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Not all finished but I can see what it's going to be. Good job, Leeds Council, and all the campaigners who hold the transport planners to account

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Sunday morning cycle to check out the vast new cycle network that is opening to the north and east of Leeds. Lovely to see families using it to ride safely together

Channelling David Marquet, now I need people to tell me

What was unclear?
What would you like to hear more about?
What didn't sound right to you?
How do you see it differently?

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After a week where I struggled to get the message across about modern digital delivery practices, I dove into my blog's back catalogue and realised I've written this story several times before

I know we've raised the boys right when one of them enters the room, looks straight at my laptop screen and asks "Why is it in Papyrus?!"

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Our website has been redesigned from the ground up--it looks nicer and explains better!

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As I took a closer look to the WCAG 2.1 success criteria, I decided to take a step-by-step approach to make my website entirely compliant. First post of a series. #Accessibility #WCAG

Stayed up too late watching this film about Gorbachev in his final years. As enthralling for its portrayal of old age as for one man's impact on world history

Important survey as part of our work to understand people's experiences of urgent and emergency care services, feeding directly into our digital transformation work for the sector

Important new role in the job family: specialist

Well done to all involved in getting this added to the framework. Highly relevant to organisations too

Thoroughly recommend colleagues to consider the leadership academy's . I did it in 2019-20 and apply something I learned there every working day. Applications open now

"Teams going through the project gating process are challenged on the quality and comprehensiveness of their upfront planning documentation..."
If you use project gating, you’re not agile | Sean Boots

Good stuff from Ian here, getting out of the building to see how digital services work for staff in communities. Agree on the need to not impose "hospital" language and assumptions when the care is given in people's homes

Please use the crowdsourcing platform to share your ideas, challenge assumptions and provide solutions. It's open until 19 August 2022, and the team will add new questions regularly

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We're working on England's urgent and emergency care strategy, and want to hear as many views as possible:
Have you seen good practice?
Where might we innovate?
What's your experience of care?

We are outcome-driven
You are solutionising
They are pursuing a vanity project

We've got to have empathy and assume good intent in other teams before we can align on _shared_ outcomes

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Thinking about how product teams all want to be outcome-oriented, but when they're just starting out it can seem like an irregular verb

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