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James Smith @Floppy

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2: So with the modernist project approaching its own singularity - the reductio-ad-ego that Harari lays bare - not to mention the small problem of impending destruction by means of its own accumulated externalities,
the most important thing I can think of is to work on this:

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1: OK, so this saves you reading Yuval Noah Harari's books: bbc.co.uk/news/world-39706765
Now I call myself a pragmatic utopian, but sometimes it doesn't help me decide what to do.
Anti-dystopianism gives more direct guidance.

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Here's a podcast about Open Collective pca.st/SR9j
--- and don't forget you can help fund mastodon.me.uk at opencollective.com/mastodon-me // @Floppy

My thoughts during this morning’s Open Data Institute standup - what’s your O&D alignment? :) mastodon.me.uk/media/HLMJ_Z5-T

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I'm really trying to think of more KLF / fairground puns but TBH it took me all day to come up with those two.

Having a nice day out at West Sussex's only KLF-themed family attraction. Attractions include the Miniature Railway to Trancentral, and The White Soft Play Room.

@fantasticlife anxiety is bullshit. Hope it calms down soon. :hug:

We now have 5 potential candidates wanting to stand for @somethingnew Crikey.

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Yay, another welcome collective donation from @annoyingmouse, thankyou!


@matt that's odd... hmm

@annoyingmouse you can click "other", and you get the option. I'm going to try to get that changed to the default.

@Alastair @matt Heroku for simplicity.

Note that payment processing fees are quite high for small monthly transactions, so if you can pay in one chunk a year, it's more cost-effective.


This morning @Alastair and @matt have joined the opencollective, helping to keep this instance running!

Running the server currently costs $30 a month, and every donation helps keep that up for the long term.

Support your local server now, at opencollective.com/mastodon-me