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James Smith 💾 @[email protected]

As if the dates for a midnight movie showing weren't already confusing enough, Cineworld's reminder email has dates on it that don't exist this year. Thanks for that.


Profile redirects are great, good work @gargron et al.

If you have a mastodon.social account but have moved over to a different server, you can login to your old account and, under edit profile, setup a profile redirect note.

What was the point of getting that doctorate if these are the only options on this account signup form? *sigh*


Just been reminded of my favourite numbers station twitter bot; still going strong: twitter.com/SierraGolf5/status

Wanted: a table of equivalencies between gems, node modules, python whatevers (eggs?), and so on, so I can say “what’s X but for node?”

Who are the protest bands/musicians/whatever now? Who is today’s Rage Against The Machine? Who is standing up to the system and refusing to be quiet?

RT @[email protected]: Blockchain is obviously incredibly exciting. But what's happening at the moment is an example of *the* problem of our times: the lightning fast, hype-driven adoption of technology without thinking through the social, legal structures that we need to make it work for everyone.

RT @[email protected]: I will [object Object] you into a fucking bin in a minute

4/10 RH12. Where’s the snow I was promised?

CBeebies are *really* upping their musical game here. I’m very impressed! youtu.be/7z_0c_awN0o

RT @[email protected]: Tired: Thinking about the amazing crossovers that could happen after Disney acquires yet another major media corporation.
Wired: Thinking about the amazing crossovers that could happen if media went public domain after 28 years as originally intended.

While I'm inventing conspiracy theory origins for recent technologies, here's another one:

Bitcoin was invented by an unknown person pseudonamed "Satoshi Nakamoto". Before people used their spare computing time to mine bitcoins, one of the big things they did with spare compute was to run the [email protected] client, helping to search for extraterrestrials. Who might have a vested interest in redirecting resources away from the search for extraterrestrials? Is "Satoshi Nakamoto" really a /person/?