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James Smith 💾 @[email protected]

OH: “He's literally jumping sharks that are jumping other sharks”

Can any Fritzing experts out there suggest how I should include removable jumper/pinheader connections in my circuit designs? I can add both sides to the circuit separately, but feel I should link them together “properly” too.

And now the train I was on (late) has been terminated early. The Darkness said it best: m.youtube.com/watch?v=5OR9edcM

Oh look, another sucky commute. Southern/Thameslink/etc have been bloody awful since their big timetable change a month ago.

Off to a surprise @[email protected] gig tonight that I’d completely forgotten about. Very loud band in the tiny Boiler Room in Guildford - should be awesome :)

and of course, on looking, I discover that you can use a similar method in Ruby, using "if x then y else z" instead of the usual "x ? y : z"


OK, every day IL

Just discovered that Python has the nicest ternary operator. Surprised Ruby didn't do it that way.

RT @[email protected]: I love this idea: from now on any time I follow someone for the first time, I'm going to say why in a tweet to them. It's both lovely and fascinating 🐙♥️ twitter.com/Dave_Ferguson/stat

Henceforth all tech choices will be made using the giant choose-your-technology dice I made for the office. 🎲

In the last 24 hours I've written PHP, Python and Node.js code, and none of those were even side projects; all for my job. I quite like being a polyglot.

Just bought @[email protected]’s book, Open Revolution (openrevolution.net/). Looks interesting!

> throw new Exception('Explody McExplodeFace');

I got Eng-er-land in our office world cup sweepstake so I’m going to order myself a Sportsbot. twitter.com/smolrobots/status/

RT @[email protected]: I wrote some words about why it’s hard to make data models (and software) for Parliament. Possibly other places smethur.st/posts/176135867

“I seem to be having this tremendous difficulty with my lifestyle”