Any Rand institute gets government loan:

In other news, the concept of Irony has been retired through overuse. It will move into a retirement home along with Satire, who found it increasingly hard to keep up with the actual real world.

Seriously wondering how I could turn into a piece of evolving art that I could hang on the wall. It's just gorgeous.

“You’re not alone” is the “thoughts and prayers” of mental health.

PSA: it’s OK to make tiny positive changes that don’t solve huge problems in one go.

Lockdown is really helping me work on my Londo Mollari eyebrows. Just got to stop before I go full Thufir Hawat.

All the jokes on TV shows about video call problems just stress me out.

By the “end” of this, I swear video calls are going to give me PTSD.

the real victory of star trek is that every species' video chat protocols magically interoperate

I mean, I knew he was stupid, but what the actual fuck. How are the people with him not rugby tackling him off the mic?

If ever there was a time to legalise cannabis (in the UK), it's now. And some microdosed LSD on the NHS please while you're at it.

Because everyone is suddenly using video calls, everyone's getting annoyed at how many systems there are. Maybe we can work on fixing that, get these things talking to each other? LOL, yeah right, a man can dream...

Sad to hear about John Conway's death from Covid-19. May he oscillate forever in our memories.

Looks like this might be a quality project organising volunteers to make PPE to the right standard for the NHS. Time to order more filament.

Do tv presenters now have marks on their ceiling to look at where their copresenters are?

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