Come join us next Saturday for a yarn and some good company. Bring yourself, your friends, and your choice of beverage - be that hot, cold, or mildly tepid - from 6pm onwards UK time.

What's happening? Podcrawl's happening!

Saturday 7 August from 6pm UK. for more details.

Favourite, Boost, Share, and come along! πŸΊπŸ·β˜•πŸ΅

It's official...

I have an iced coffee here, and a jug of cold brew in the fridge.

Summer is upon us, kinda.

In a little over 12 hours, I (plus @Moosical and the kids ) will be on our way to Manchester for - can't wait!


My watch may not know where I live (I'm at home), but it certainly knows my habits! β˜•

The set for my son's Nativity play. He is playing "Host 3". I presume that translates as "narrator" - a role for which he is _perfectly_ suited!

This is what a good trip to the cinema looks like. Three films (Grindelwald, Spiderverse, Aquaman) and popcorn & drinks for the first film, with nothing to pay!

(I bought the tickets in advance through my company discount scheme, should've been Β£98, only paid Β£48!)

Loved this episode. Gutted that Jonathan didn't hang up first though. In this episode, Jonathan helps CEO Alex Blumberg fulfil a 16 year old promise.

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