Brand new episode of the Admin Admin Podcast, featuring Al, Jerry, and Jon!

A very to all! Whatever may have l happened in 2018, I hope that #2019 brings you success, happiness, and a sense of fulfillment.

The 7th Annual 26-hour New Year Show has started!

Please stop in, say "Hi", and maybe join in the conversation with other listeners and contributors. It’s always a good time!!

See for more information.

I've just seen the premonition sequence of Final Destination 5, against my own better judgement. I predicted that they would have pushed the boundary of what had been done previously to the point of excess. Wow, was I right. Is it _really_ necessary to show that level of detail at the point of someone's demise? The film industry has descended into and it's quite sickening.

Dear present gifters...

If you have bought anyone any of the following this Christmas:

* bicycle (of any type)
* scooter (of any type)
* motorbike (of any type and any number of wheels)
* remote controlled flying vehicle (of any type)

... **please** make sure that the recipient is aware of their obligations with regards to their own safety, the safety of others, and legal compliance... lest something happens which could utterly wreck someone's Christmas, including your own.

My watch may not know where I live (I'm at home), but it certainly knows my habits! β˜•

Good morning . Today I shall be mostly ruing the weather (currently hoofing it down here in Yorkshire), considering taking the kids to the cinema, and enjoying a nice double β˜• . I'll miss these when they're gone.

71- Christmas Pop! is out. @thelovebug and @kevie discuss the lasting effect of the 2018 reviews, whether app or distro. Kevie talks about his new PC chair and Yannick reviews POP!_OS all this in one with added

The set for my son's Nativity play. He is playing "Host 3". I presume that translates as "narrator" - a role for which he is _perfectly_ suited!

Can't believe that I've only just discovered Luther. Series 5 starts two weeks today, so @moosical and I are currently 2 episodes into a 16 episode blitz over the next few days to catch up before the new series. Next up S1E3 and S1E4 before bedtime. 2/16

A new episode of the Duffercast featuring, @perloid @paul @thelovebug, Mikael, @mcnalu

The duffers, including our esteemed guest, wish you all a Merry Christmas 2018. This episode is brought to you in early December, believe it or not.

Good dear . β˜•

I've now been on Mastodon for a week, and this is my 51st toot, compared to 251 notices on my own instance which I spun up in March 2017. A few months back, I asked how had become The when GNUsocial (and its ancestors) had been around for years... I get it now: it's about the experience and significantly lower barrier to adoption. I think I'm gonna shut down both my GNUsocial instances soon.

To close off our kid-free anniversary weekend, we're off 10-pin bowling.

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