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GCSE students are sitting their English Literature paper this week, in which they have to analyse an β€˜unseen’ poem.

Here’s a poem about the horror of it all. It’s called β€˜Unseen Poem’.

My Top 10
(Placing, not points)

1 Germany
2 United Kingdom
3 North Macedonia
4 Serbia
5 Slovenia
6 Russia
7 The Netherlands
8 Azerbaijan
9 Denmark
10 Israel

All the road signs in Yorkshire have been stolen.

Police are looking for Leeds.

I've just removed my instance from all channels I was in, and rejoined some of them from the @matrix IRC bridge.

On a train. Wanted to read my RSS feed, but my domain certificate had expired. termux.com/ to the rescue. SSH access the server. Update Certbot. Renew certificate.
I'm still amazed this could be done on the move, with just a small touch device.

@dick_turpin @thelovebug Scotland sobered up, when did this propaganda get spread. As a Scottish person living in Scotland I can confirm that this is 100%

Announcing 2019 on July 27th starting at 6pm in the State Bar, Holland Street


Come along and enjoy a few refreshments with the team and other podcast creators and listeners!

Good morning, dear

Yay: Heading out to the beautiful Peak District today, with the family. A nice walk, a cafΓ©, another walk, lunch, more walk, probably another cafΓ©, a play area for the younger sprogs, etc.

Boo: Back to work tomorrow. But also the UK Parliament reconvenes tomorrow, so

HTML5 ping tracking – Firefox :firefox: will enable it by default:


– HTML5 ping attributes can be used to track people if they click a link (<a href=… ping=…>) by sending POST requests to an arbitrary amount of hosts
– tracking is possible without any JavaScript, or Cookies
– Steve Gibson talked about it in Security Now 709: mastodon.at/@infosechandbook/1
– ping is enabled in Chrome, Opera, Edge, Safari by default

#html5 #ping #tracking #firefox #mozilla

On this Easter Sunday, I find myself actually agreeing with something that Theresa May has said, "We must stand up for the right of everyone, no matter what their religion, to practise their faith in peace."


Have a happy and blessed Easter.

We've booked accommodation (thru homeaway.co.uk) for 2019. It's a few miles outside of Manchester, but we've booked parking (thru justpark.com) so that we don't have to pay for the 5 of us to take the train or taxi into the city.

Never tried crowdparking or crowdlodging before but, if the experience is positive, in can see us using this regularly. Save us a fortune!

I hear the venue for this year's OggCamp 19/20 October is decided. It's the Pendulum Hotel pendulumhotel.co.uk

Well, apparently, NextCloud Social turns your NextCloud instance into a part of the fediverse!  It took me about one minute to add this app to my NC instance, and it was just ready.  This post should appear in my Mastodon feed.

On this week's , @moosical and I present 12 tracks voted by our listeners as their favourites from the last 12 months.


Watching my 13 year old daughter looking things up on Urban Dictionary doesn't fill me with confidence...

TuxJam 72 is out.
@kevie @thelovebug and I talk about free and open source software interspersed with creative commons music. We review Haiku, the non-linux operating system, and the Android app DroidShows for tracking your TV viewing.

Just finished recording this month's episode of with @kevie and @mcnalu - really sorry about the editing you have to do, @kevie

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