A few years ago when I decided to delete my Facebook account, Facebook implimented the ability to delete data from your account, but only through the mobile app. They did it when people started getting attacked for things they said years ago. You could target specific time frames, and delete posts and data from that time period. You couldnt do mass deletion beyond about 100 posts. But I took this as an opportunity to delete ALL my data. It took a month. Doing a little bit each day. I signed up in 2007 so there was alot. But that is just how determined I was to make sure that when I deleted the account they didnt hold onto the metadata. When I finally deleted the account, it was an empty shell. If I would have had a Facebook effigy at the time, I would have burned it in celebration. Instead, I made coffee and started learning how to self host things.

Yeah, sex is great but have you ever flipped the power switch on an original IBM PC

@Makius Orange accent colour rather than blue? Heck yes, it's better!! πŸ˜† But Husky is a fork of Tusky, so there are many many similarities. But Tusky has some subtle UI tweaks that I just prefer.

Which one do you use most?

Reply to explain. Boost for bigger sample.
(Sorry for the edit. I put metatext too.)

2 more days! We have exciting news to share! ✨

Join us on May 3rd at 1 PM CEST for a special live event. We can't wait! πŸ₯°


Would you be interested in attending a virtual town hall meeting to voice your feedback/opinions to help shape our project?

Boosts appreciated! #pixelfed

Awesome news, @Bitwarden@mastodon.social! Been using your service once I realised that "certain" other equivalents weren't equivalents at all... nor Open Source. You rock!

@popey Lloyds Pharmacy used to do one, it was only about a foot tall, but we had it in the bedroom running pretty much constantly, and it was really helpful to reduce dust and impurities. Plus the motor provided a really nice white noise to sleep to.

@kevie That looks like a really nice piece of kit. I shall check it out as an alternative to Pocketcasts.

Just discovered Podverse and I'm loving it. It's a Podcast app with clips, playlists, profiles, and cross-platform syncing for Android f-droid.org/en/packages/com.po

@cprompt We'll forgive you! 😁. Have you never been on Mastodon, GNUsocial, StatusNet, early-Identica before? @claudiom

Just upgrading my laptop and shack machine from to . I'll then lock the Pi400 to the LTS.

@kevie Noooo! I, on the other hand, took delivery of a Beer52 box yesterday, so I'm set. 😁

Good morning all Wishing you all a great day. Let us show love to all we meet. Many feel unnoticed in this busy world, a simple hello, thank you or a kind word can help a lot. Let's make our part of the world a nicer place to be

Can't wait for the new arrivals to discover they can use their fedi account to follow video channels on @peertube instances, photo stories on @pixelfed instances, events on @mobilizon , musicians on @funkwhale , and @owncast streams.


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