@thaj I gotta admit, I've never listened. (Sorry, @klaatu!) - but I have subscribed now. Not enough hours in the day to listen to everything that I do subscribe to! πŸ˜• @claudiom

@claudiom It doesn't sound like either of you will feel any particular loss.

@claudiom In case it wasn't clear, that was a dig at the producers, not you πŸ˜†

@claudiom It's not difficult to pull audio from a produced video. Seems daft to alienate a significant portion of your audience. Video and audio shows cater to significantly different audiences.

@fitheach We will do TOS eventually... but we've worked out we have 14Β½ years of weekly shows in terms of material we can review! We're doing Discovery season 3 at the moment, as it's current, but I think we're moving onto Deep Space 9 season 1 next.


@fitheach Heh, no... but I do a weekly review podcast on Star Trek with a friend.

@fitheach Fair enough. I use Memory Alpha on a daily basis... it's like Wikipedia for Star Trek πŸ––

I thoroughly enjoyed the show.

My "better late than never" comment didn't hold true for the Podcrawl. I hope it went well. I'll definitely try to make the next one.

Wood Hitch was really good, too.

From the "better late than never" files...

These extra few days off at New Year (not back at work until Tuesday) are allowing me to catch-up with a few interests.

Right now, I'm settling down with a coffee, and listening to the festive TuxJam episode. Festive is fine, as I'm still on holiday.


#Linux #FOSS

I have three instances on the #fediverse. pix.Wildeboer.net for pictures, vid.wildeboer.net for moving pictures and social.wildeboer.net for tweet style stuff. I’ll stay around over on Twitter too, but 2021 I’ll definitely focus on federated networks. 2/2

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