Just read your blog post on - it sounds like a really interesting project. Personally I prefer the idea of a shorter with better audio quality.

I've been podcasting for over 11 years now, and I keep threatening to do a talk - so I might see if I can combine it with this concept to keep the length down.

#569 – Holy cow!

This week on The Bugcast: we discuss UK politics (again!), Dave gets chased by cows, we read your feedback, and we play some great Creative Commons music.

#568 – Release a squirrel

This week on with @thelovebug and @Moosical: we discuss the effects of degenerative disorders, Caroline reviews a TV show based on a book, and we play some spiffy Creative Commons music from Neon NiteClub, Josh Woodward, Aleksey Chistilin, Bianca Smith, EveryNowHere, Ionian Smile, Yris, and SICK.

TuxJam 74 - Every Rosa Has It's Thorn is out with the usual trio of @mcnalu, @thelovebug and @kevie reunited once again. We take a look at Rosa , Elisa Music Player and talk about Podcrawl Glasgow, all this combined with the usual mix of tuxjam.otherside.network/?p=42

RT @brian_bilston@twitter.com
GCSE students are sitting their English Literature paper this week, in which they have to analyse an β€˜unseen’ poem.

Here’s a poem about the horror of it all. It’s called β€˜Unseen Poem’.

That's the kind of thing that @Moosical would say. She always gets those two brands mixed up. We have 3 kids, incidentally.

You're very welcome... worth it!

Oh, I see... my version is obsolete now... I didn't realise. New version bought!!!

My Top 10
(Placing, not points)

1 Germany
2 United Kingdom
3 North Macedonia
4 Serbia
5 Slovenia
6 Russia
7 The Netherlands
8 Azerbaijan
9 Denmark
10 Israel

All the road signs in Yorkshire have been stolen.

Police are looking for Leeds.

I have been known to code using it, as both git and python are supported. Stuff like weechat, vi, nano, curl, etc.

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