@Paul Thanks Paul, I shall give it another go... expect another follow request soon! 😁

I've just been listening to @Paul on today's HPR episode entitled "Make NextCloud your next cloud". I'm a huge fan of @nextcloud but I have never had a good experience with the Social app. But yes, get

TuxJam 83.5 – Podcrawl Preview is out, a brief look ahead to Saturday's virtual meet-up tuxjam.otherside.network/tuxja

TuxJam 83 is out. @kevie, @mcnalu & @thelovebug take a look at Redcore , SimpleTask and Standard Note on along with the usual mix of tuxjam.otherside.network/?p=51

@nigeldgreen I'd be very interested in the outcome of this also. We use JIRA extensively at work, but I'd love to know what else is out there that people have successfully managed to use in the wild. My current tracker is NextCloud Deck, and - although it's great - it's very immature in comparison to other similar products (Trello, Planner, etc).

It's official...

I have an iced coffee here, and a jug of cold brew in the fridge.

Summer is upon us, kinda.

@danrabbit It's the same here in the UK. In some of our smaller stores, they've even put arrows on the floor so that the narrow aisles have a single direction to follow... but some people are just ignorant or arrogant - not sure which.

I'm not convinced I can claim to have found the "cure" to something I may have (inadvertently) caused in the first place?
@timttmy @kevie @mcnalu @Moosical

At least there's a distinction between accusing yourself of a virus, and others accusing you of creating a virus that just happens to be the same as your online moniker.
@timttmy @kevie @mcnalu @Moosical

I have no beer in the house until my case of Lager arrives tomorrow! πŸ˜‚

@ghostdancer @timttmy @kevie @mcnalu @Moosical
I'm sorry, I'm an idiot. During the last update on the website, I must've enabled caching by mistake. I shall not have a beer this evening as punishment.

82 – Surviving Lockdown Special is out, featuring the usual crew (@kevie,@mcnalu,@thelovebug) along with some special guests including @frenchguych and @Moosical tuxjam.otherside.network/?p=51 along with the usual mix of

On The Shore 11 - Persecution Turns to Joy is out. This episode focuses on some of the more positive stories that have come from the persecuted church recently lochsfreechurch.co.uk/communit

Probably one of our best episodes ever is being recorded right now, with @kevie and @mcnalu , plus special guests Yannick from and Wayne from , talking about and , and how we can combine the two to our benefit.

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