Tuxjam episode 89 has been released featuring a review of Solus Budgie, the Linux distro which I have been running for 4.5 years.
@mcnalu , @thelovebug , and @kevie all give Solus many positive comments which pleases me immensely.
#Tuxjam #Solus #Budgie #Linux

@mcnalu @thelovebug @kevie
Yeah, I know I go by multiple names:
MintSpider is from my Linux Mint days when I set up that name in Gmail / Google and is pretty much fixed.
Although my Twitter account has MintSpider in the description, the account is under spiderspinotti. Spider Spinotti is my Second Life name.
When I joined Mastodon I tried rebranding as SolusSpider, but that's the only place where it is used.


@SolusSpider hmm, I'd be SlackSpider. Not sure how I feel about that though 😂 @thelovebug @kevie

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