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TuxJam 72 is out.
@kevie @thelovebug and I talk about free and open source software interspersed with creative commons music. We review Haiku, the non-linux operating system, and the Android app DroidShows for tracking your TV viewing.

On The Shore Episode 8 is available for download In this month's show we talk about persecution in China, have a book review of The Bruised Reed by author Richard Sibbes, talk with Fiona about Sunday School and Campaigners and also have a few pieces of ( and modern) in a themed

71- Christmas Pop! is out. @thelovebug and @kevie discuss the lasting effect of the 2018 reviews, whether app or distro. Kevie talks about his new PC chair and Yannick reviews POP!_OS all this in one with added

That's terrible: poor guy just wants to show affection and get dogs abuse from Mrs 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 (language)

It's whisky o'clock. Enjoying a dram of Bowmore 12yo Whisky. Cheers *raises glass*

Cracking deal at the Humble Store: We Are Dwarves is reduced from £24.99 to £1.74, but this is only for the next 44 hours

With the recent issues in the with Reuben Foster and Kareem Hunt, brings to mind Greg Hardy and Adrian Peterson. The fact is that if you've got talent and are a star in the NFL then you'll get another chance. People may point to Kaepernick, but, if we're being honest, he was a lower tier starter or great backup at best. The fact is that in the NFL, if you have talent and you can help a team win, then you can make a team more money. The entire league is revenue driven and everybody knows it.

TuxJam 70 - Gifts for Geeks 2018 is out. Andrew (@mcnalu) Dave (@thelovebug) and Kevie discuss the perfect gifts to get that special in your life this

I'm hearing on the radio that George Bush Sr has died. Thanks George for giving me one if my favourite scenes

It's rum o'clock. Enjoying a Trawler Rum and Pepsi, cheers everybody *raises glass*

Has anybody tried ? If so what do you think? Is it worth a try?

Good morning all  Happy thanksgiving. On this day let us take stock of everything we have and develop a thankful attitude. Be thankful for the good you have, the clothes you wear, the shelter from the weather, the job you have, the friends and family around you, your happy memories. Most of us have little to complain about if we're being truthful with ourselves, but we grumble and complain too quickly. Make a point of saying thank you as much as possible 

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