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When Bingo hall opens at 4:30 and a bit of drizzle isn’t stopping you

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why don't they just put all the vitamins you need in cereal. none of this "25% of your daily requirement" crap, i want to take one bite and beef up like popeye

The UCB appeal is in its final 90 minutes, but they are still £14K short of their total needed to cover their costs, could you chip in and help them reach their goal

This looks sooo cool. I love style games. Heavily influenced by Megaman but also shades of the classic Ghouls'n'Ghosts.

Alphaman Official Gameplay Trailer (2019)

Offcial Gameplay Trailer for Alphaman, Coming to Steam and November 30th, 2019! Check out the Steam page at:

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@Shrigglepuss & I are hosting a StarWars marathon in honor of the final ep release Dec 20!

Watch on ur devices however you want, but Shrig n I are gonna live toot, follow #StarWarsFedi :leia:​ to keep up/mute!

Theres a big time zone differences, so we tried best to compromise, & we're going thru ALL ep + Rogue One!

Episode One is 'screening' Nov 3!!! Come join us when you can!!
May the Force be w you!

It's beer o'clock, enjoying a bottle of Old Jock Ale by the Broughton Brewery. Cheers everybody 😀🍻😀

I've just discovered that the Humble Bundle are offering a cracking deal on (and some ) books

With a FG to end the game, Navy beat Tulane 41-38.

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He has Cerebral Palsy and wanted to skate board so his mom created this for him so that he could.


Mother Of The Year

Finally getting the chance to sit down. Enjoying a Session IPA from Fourpure Brewing Co. Cheers everybody *raises glass* 😀🍻😀

It's beer o'clock, enjoying a bottle of Nessie's Monster Mash from the Cairngorm Brewery. Cheers everybody 😀🍻😀

67 - Pondering Podcrawl is available for download. Andrew (@mcnalu), Dave (@thelovebug) and Kevie discuss the recent Podcrawl in Glasgow, as well as looking at OSM Tracker and Bierverkostung on . As well as plenty of and talk

On International Beer Day it'd be rude not to sample one or two. Enjoying a bottle of Nessie's Monster Mash. Cheers everybody *raises glass*

Sitting in the sun, enjoying a Cyprus Coffee. Its just like being on holiday again ☕😎👍

My wife started speaking to me the other day, saying "And finally: you NEVER listen to half of what I'm saying!!!" I thought this was a really strange way to start a conversation.

Good morning all wishing everybody a great day

It's beer o'clock, enjoying a bottle of Vital Spark by Fyne Ales. Cheers everybody 😀🍻😀

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