Ouch! 🙈 Police officer hit by unmarked police 4x4 in London

Grrrr this is so annoying. Was told that I would have a call from a doctor at 3.30pm, however it could be up to 2 hours after this time. The two hour mark has last and I've still had no call 😤😤😤

Going to play a bit of Sunless Sea before Weeguy gets home 🖥️ 🛥️

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takes place this coming Saturday (30th October) starting at 6pm (UK time). For more information visit tuxjam.otherside.network/podcr and consider signing up to the Telegram group

Good day all I hope that you are all having an excellent Sunday and are able to get some rest and recuperation time for your mind and body

Listening to Jesus Happened by Baylor Wilson on , what a beautiful track youtube.com/watch?v=GDsMGHFSg8

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A few years ago, my wife watched film Burlesque, starring Cher.
She loved it.
So when our local theatre publicised a burlesque show, she insisted we go.
So I was talked into spending an evening watching attractive young ladies removing their clothes to music.
The memorable acts were the pianist who disrobed while playing Rachmaninoff on the piano, and the girl who removed her top and spun nipple tassels while handling 8 hula hoops.
Needless to say we never went again.

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Do you play #games?

This is 0 A.D. The water is beautiful. The ships are great. The battles are amusing. I play this on Ubuntu ThinkPad.

#0ad #FreeSoftware

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It's Friday, so that means this is The Bugcast podcast live day.
Please join me in listening and chatting in Telegram at 4:30pm Eastern US / 9:30pm UK.
There is pre-show music available just before the show starts.

Good day all Hoping that everyone is well and that your week has been good to this point. Wishing you all a fantastic weekend and some down time to recharge the batteries. Let us keep a look out for those in our communities, especially those who are lonely or struggling 👍🏻

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#Police in the #Netherlands give out "trauma teddies" to kids involved in a car accident.

Good morning all Wishing you all a great day. Let us shine in our corners of the world: may we show everyone that we love them, even those that are difficult to love. Let us look out for those who are in a less fortunate position than ourselves

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