Cheers everybody 🍻 enjoying a Coconut Vanilla Porter from the Black Isle Brewery

At the Fank Cafe Bar in Stornoway for dinner. First beer: Beerbliotek Waiting For The Tide To Come In

Good morning all As the working week draws to a close let us finish it strongly. May we show the other people in our that they are valued, give thanks to all who are often overlooked but play a vital part in our lives.

TuxJam 96 - Xeger Beaver is out. @kevie, @mcnalu and @thelovebug take a look at Xebian, dBeaver and continue our look at the Simple Tools with a look at Simple Gallery. Along with the usual mix of

Good morning all Wishing you all a great day. May we show thanks and appreciation to all today, especially to those who do the jobs that we so often take for granted. Let us show people, whom society may class as working in a lower tier, that their efforts and work do make a difference

It's beer o'clock. Cheers everybody 🍻 enjoyed a bottle of Mahou with my dinner

Good morning all, wishing you all a great day. The week produces enough stress and turmoil, make sure that you get some rest in over the weekend

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