For all in the UK and Ireland: sign up for your chance to win a £10/€10 book token at help out your local and also

Good morning all have a great day everyone 👍🏻

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Today, December 2nd, is International #Slavery Abolition Day.

In its classical sense, slavery today is a thing mostly of the past, but let's not forget about today's borderline-slavery cases, such as debt bondage, wage slavery and child labor that still abound around the globe. Those are still serious and must be addressed.


Just finished recording a new episode of I'll post when it's released 😀

Samaritans for Children fundraiser: Educate 40 orphans for a year in is now active, please donate if you can

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This is fantastic: two friends forced apart by the pandemic meet for a cuppa at the border | SWNS -

TuxJam 85 – Gifts for Geeks 2020 is out, @kevie @mcnalu and @thelovebug go over the ideal gifts for your beloved geek this Christmas

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Hello everyone! I quit Facebook in a public event organized by our Fripost a democratically managed email and cloud server association. Since then I feel a need to distribute things around like articles I write and important events. I just don't know how this works. Where do I start? Here? I live in #Göteborg#Sweden have two kids and work as a PhD studentin Cultural Studies, I do research on the #neoliberalization and #socialmovements.

Good morning all Have a great day everyone 😀

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Very cool -- is a new privacy-friendly Reddit frontend, similar to Invidious / YouTube, Bibliogram / Instagram, and Nitter / Twitter.

Source code:

- No JavaScript or ads
- All requests go through the backend, client never talks to Reddit
- Prevents Reddit from tracking your IP or JavaScript fingerprint
- Lightweight (teddit frontpage: ~30 HTTP requests with ~270 KB of data downloaded vs. Reddit frontpage: ~190 requests with ~24 MB)


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Part of my physio is kneeding bread, here is today's loaf

It's infuriating trying to shop local at times. I went into the local furniture shop today and asked them to order in a specific model of cabinet. Response: "No", I asked if he could check as I wasn't in a major rush and was willing to wait, to which the caring salesman said "No". I then asked if he would even check if it was available, so again he responded "No".

This annoys me as I am keen to but come up against this.

PS this wasn't a young person, it was the shop manager 🙄😤😡

Finally I'm contraption free after the Pico pump was removed from my leg yesterday 🕺🏻🕺🏻🕺🏻

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