Oh! It's 30 minutes to for Christmas! Come and join us for fun and frivolity with friends from far and... not-far. BOYB.


TuxJam 86 Pop goes the Penguin is out. @kevie @mcnalu and @thelovebug take a look at Pop!OS and Tux Rider on Android and preview HPR new year special and Podcrawl Jitsi Christmas tuxjam.otherside.network/tuxja

TuxJam 85 – Gifts for Geeks 2020 is out, @kevie @mcnalu and @thelovebug go over the ideal gifts for your beloved geek this Christmas tuxjam.otherside.network/tuxja

TuxJam 83.5 – Podcrawl Preview is out, a brief look ahead to Saturday's virtual meet-up tuxjam.otherside.network/tuxja

TuxJam 83 is out. @kevie, @mcnalu & @thelovebug take a look at Redcore , SimpleTask and Standard Note on along with the usual mix of tuxjam.otherside.network/?p=51

82 – Surviving Lockdown Special is out, featuring the usual crew (@kevie,@mcnalu,@thelovebug) along with some special guests including @frenchguych and @Moosical tuxjam.otherside.network/?p=51 along with the usual mix of

Probably one of our best episodes ever is being recorded right now, with @kevie and @mcnalu , plus special guests Yannick from and Wayne from , talking about and , and how we can combine the two to our benefit.

TuxJam 81 – Hip to be squared is out. Andrew (@mcnalu), Dave (@thelovebug) and Kevie look at Simplicity , Librera Pro on and app Lutris on the Linux . Along with the usual mix of tuxjam.otherside.network/?p=50

Still looking for some additional shows for the #HPR queue. If you haven't sent in your show this year, now would be a good time.

I went out to buy toilet roll today. Not panicked, stayed calm. Got home and realised it was kitchen roll I'd bought.

80 - Uncivil but Free is out. @mcnalu and @kevie are joined by @ken_fallon . We talk about , we also review Track & Graph and Unciv on . Along with the usual mix of tuxjam.otherside.network/?p=48

I have chronic gout. Doc says less beer and less high protein foods should help. I looked up high protein foods and it's a mostly a list of my favourite, healthy foods. Whisky should be ok though...

You know is mighty impressive. Thousands of people all descend on one campus which gets quite crowded but it's very good natured, very well organised and best of all everyone's there to learn something new. I certainly did.

My old trusty EEE PC 1000H that operates as a home server needs to be retired. Being 32 bit it can no longer run centos when 6 reaches EoL later this year. But its hardware is bound to fail any day I fear.

But what to replace it with? Raspberry pi with attached storage? Duties are light, and its main use is to run NextCloud.

Suggestions welcome.

TuxJam 79 – Lost & broke is out. In the 2nd Christmas episode @kevie, @mcnalu and @thelovebug look at OpenMultiMaps and Budget Watch on along with a variety of festive tracks tuxjam.otherside.network/?p=47

A new podcast episode of TuxJam is out. With Christmas in mind, the boys are discussing gifts for your geeky loved ones.

Though, perhaps, you should beware geeks bearing gifts. πŸ˜ƒ


@kevie @mcnalu @thelovebug

78 – Gifts for Geeks 2019 is out. Andrew (@mcnalu), Dave (@thelovebug) and @kevie talk about the array of gifts that they would love to wake up on morning to. We're pretty sure other geeks would appreciate these too tuxjam.otherside.network/?p=45

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