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Andrew Conway @[email protected]

A deformed and/or ferocious-looking witch. Baba Yaga flies around in a pestle, wields a mortar, and dwells deep in the forest in a hut. In Russian folkloric myths her house is described as standing on chicken legs (or sometimes a single chicken leg)

Son was tasked at school with designing a website on a subject of his choosing. He chose "Useless website ideas".

Found a typo that deserves to be a new word: reasonsing.

Bare trees on a sunset cracked horizon.

Zooming through the wintry British countryside. It looks just like Sir, you are being hunted. I'm sure I saw a red visor and a puff of pipe smoke near Wigan.

#TuxJam 62 - Crypto Christmas Currency is out. @mcnalu , @thelovebug & @kevie take a look at Bitkey Linux, F-droid & a remake of the SNES game Pushover. Along with the usual mix of !ccmusic #Podcast

Was pleased to find my son sat at my desk doing maths.

I'm new to yoga but is it normal for the instructor to laugh at a novice and then for someone to come in an kick your arse, literally? Asking for a friend.

61: Gifts for Geeks 2017 is out. Featuring a range of gifts that would make any geek happy this along with the usual mix of with hosts @kevie @mcnalu and @thelovebug. Part of @othersidepodnet

Put your jacket on.
Because it's cold.
Because it's winter.
Because our hemisphere is tilted away from the Sun.
Our planet's rotational axis is not aligned with its orbital axis.
In the primordial solar nebula...
Dad! Shut up.

Doing something super secret on an air gapped PC. Never done this kind of thing before. I'm practically Jason Borne.

Spent the day pulling council finances apart and putting them back together. I understand them better now but not sure I understand myself.

My driveway looks much better without a car on it. It only has one car on it these days. It's there most of the time. Probably over 90% of the time.

Mastodon working well in the browser on my phone. Worth trying an app? Any recommendations?

@luke can you hear me? (This is not Clem Fandango)

Hello to all my followers here... Currently none :)