#podcast TuxJam 68 - Penetrative Testing Disco is out. Andrew, Dave and Kevie look at Debian based Chinese distro #Deepin, Alite, remake of the space classic Elite, and FOSS Broswer on Android. We also have a chat about #PodcrawlGlasgow. This combined with the usual mix of #ccmusic http://tuxjam.otherside.network/?p=351 Please note that we have a couple of additions: the show is now available in MP3 format as well as Ogg. There is also an uncut version of the show, there were plenty of out-takes after a podcast-free summer
It is the morning of #PodcrawlGlasgow. I'm going to meet up with Andrew Gregory (formerly of Linux Format and Linux Voice) , Dave @thelovebug and Caroline @moosical Lee (the Bugcast crew), Dave Morris @perloid loid (regular Hacker Public Radio host) and Beni (@navigium, Swiss #opensource and #Linux enthusiast) in the Beer Cafe in Candleriggs, #Glasgow today at 2.30pm if anybody is nearby. The actual Podcrawl starts in the State Bar, Holland Street, Glasgow, at 6pm

Patrick, next Slackware and moving forward with KDE Plasma5 t.co/uZCkDMSEb5 @beni

I'm compiling my own Linux kernel. Not done this for many years.

Fellow Linux users: need to perform surgery on my laptop and first step involves resizing an existing ext4 partition ideally keeping its files. What's the fastest way? Command line methods are fine.

@Luke hello. I think we follow each other on Mastodon already. Shame about quitter but c'est la vie.

Fancy dress party, somewhere in Glasgow

Great costumes. Folk having a laugh.

Old guy stands by himself in the corner with a can of kestrel super. Stark naked except for a large shoe tied round his crotch.

"What have you come as?"

"Me? Ahm jus fuckin' aboot"

#Podcast released: #TuxJam 66 - Heads or Fails is out. @kevie , @mcnalu & @thelovebug take a look at #Devuan based and #privacy focused #Linux distro Heads. We take a look at #NextCloud Notes and SimpleNote on #Android as well as the usual mix of #ccmusic https://s.wefamlee.be/url/37495
Hacker Public Radio 2532 :: Podcrawl Glasgow 2018 https://s.wefamlee.be/url/35823 The #TuxJam guys - @kevie @mcnalu @thelovebug - introduce and invite the #HPR community to join them at #PodcrawlGlasgow in July 2018

Just got my old Amigas 500 working including its hard disk. Amazing really as it's not been powered on for 25 years. Feeling a little emotional TBH.

TuxJam 64 - Space Time is out. @kevie, @mcnalu & @thelovebug test out Emmabuntus, Pioneer Space Sim and Opentasks. Along with the usual mix of !ccmusic http://tuxjam.otherside.network/?p=306 #Linux #Podcast

22 minutes to install a complete operating system on a PC including database software, several languages (eg python, C) and oodles of other software. 17 minutes taken up by me carefully reading and checking stuff.

Confession: I'm reading about boot loaders and boot managers and finding it really interesting.

Dad, look, the characters in this game show real ethnic diversity!

Yeah, not only that but you're shooting them indiscriminately too.

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