The 16th (except it isn't) outpouring of claptrap has been released. Featuring the dulcet tones of inscius, @mcnalu, and @thelovebug.

Duffercast 16 - Carehome California

All the right notes, but not necessarily in the right order.

Setup a wireless printer on linux. Worked first time. Painless. Not ubuntu but slackware with lpr protocol. Good old CUPS.

TuxJam 74 - Every Rosa Has It's Thorn is out with the usual trio of @mcnalu, @thelovebug and @kevie reunited once again. We take a look at Rosa , Elisa Music Player and talk about Podcrawl Glasgow, all this combined with the usual mix of

Announcing 2019 on July 27th starting at 6pm in the State Bar, Holland Street

Come along and enjoy a few refreshments with the team and other podcast creators and listeners!

Grrr. Phone updated and now antennapod won't work.

TuxJam 72 is out.
@kevie @thelovebug and I talk about free and open source software interspersed with creative commons music. We review Haiku, the non-linux operating system, and the Android app DroidShows for tracking your TV viewing.

Happy winter solstice folks! 22.23 UTC this evening is when the Sun (or rather its imaginary, simpler cousin, the annual mean Sun) reaches its lowest point below the celestial equator.

A new episode of the Duffercast featuring, @perloid @paul @thelovebug, Mikael, @mcnalu

The duffers, including our esteemed guest, wish you all a Merry Christmas 2018. This episode is brought to you in early December, believe it or not.

TuxJam 70 - Gifts for Geeks 2018 is out. Andrew (@mcnalu) Dave (@thelovebug) and Kevie discuss the perfect gifts to get that special in your life this

Venus is a fine sight high in the south just now.

68 point 5, a short episode detailing the new feeds, including: and also an uncut feed

69 – Tuxy McJamface is out, featuring @mcnalu , @thelovebug and @kevie. In this episode we look at KDE Neon and ebook reader Booky McBookface as well as the usual mix of

Pleased to discover more folk in these here parts. In fact, further back than that, folk from days.

Tonight I voiced the opinion that I shouldn't sit around scratching my balls, watching old episodes of Cadfael. What a silly thing to say. It's bliss.

Duffercast 14. Sir William of Oggcamp.

Each episode is recorded, edited and then matured in oak casks in a secret cavern tended my magical time spiders. It is then forgotten about for countless aeons, sometimes for all eternity.

Duffercast 14 – Sir William of Oggcamp

If you are reading this, it means the Duffercast has, to everyone’s astonishment, managed to publish another episode! Rejoice!
#podcast TuxJam 68 - Penetrative Testing Disco is out. Andrew, Dave and Kevie look at Debian based Chinese distro #Deepin, Alite, remake of the space classic Elite, and FOSS Broswer on Android. We also have a chat about #PodcrawlGlasgow. This combined with the usual mix of #ccmusic Please note that we have a couple of additions: the show is now available in MP3 format as well as Ogg. There is also an uncut version of the show, there were plenty of out-takes after a podcast-free summer
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