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It's really my own fault for trying to use xargs and xpath and xmllint all at the same time. I think I'll replace it all with a dumb grep.

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Has anyone in the history of the world ever got xargs to work. 😬


Stop asking candidates if they “believe in” climate change and start asking if they understand it.

It’s science, not Santa Claus.


While I'm glad DT has learned a lot about COVID, I'd rather he'd already done that over the last, say, six months, by listening to his scientists.

This is an excellent site for exploring different voting methods, how they work, and why some are better than others; well worth a bit of your time:

Kick-off for Hacktoberfest:

Unfortunately people seem to spam projects with invalid PRs a lot this year: 😒

Groundhog Day. Again. Though at least in that film Bill Murray could mix it up a bit without consequences.

Why teach a man to fish when you can teach him to enjoy trite and just-so metaphors about fishing and empowerment.

I've been looking for the name of this tune for 20 years. It was played by Fatboy Slim in his "Bouncy Hour" mix in 1997 or so, but I've never managed to find out what it is. It sounds like one of his tracks, but I've tried all the B-sides I can find to no avail. Anyone know?

The pronunciation of dragons:

Gonna start a campaign for a standard mute button on keyboards and for all video calling apps to support it.

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