@pimterry yeah, I think you're right there. Something in that area is causing me problems though :)

if you pin the dependencies on your npm package to "^x.x.x", so you never allow updates to minor versions, only patch versions, I hate you.

I’m going to start calling everything “pre apocalyptic”

@andrew hi! Welcome to mastodon.me.uk (from your friendly neighbourhood admin)

Fizzbot getting a lift on Unicornbot. Great work @rossatkin@twitter.com!

Are there any CLI tools out there for automating setup of dev ecosystem tools like codecov, dependabot/dependencies.io, codacy across multiple repositories? Github marketplace did a good job, but Gitlab is less easy.

BRB redirecting the Wikipedia page for "scope creep" to keybase.io

If I had all the money in the world I'd pay someone else to break in my new DMs.

Evening choices:

* [ ] Play Sunless Skies (released yesterday)
* [ ] Play Spinnortality (released today)
* [ ] Fix my E:D HOTAS configuration now I've realised that most of the bindings are terrible
* [x] Turn off computer and go do something else instead

@neonpaul I'd love to see more matrix servers running, and to understand what I should do with them. Realtime chat is a total mess.

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