If you're in the UK and use energy, please pledge to stop paying your energy bills in October with dontpay.uk.

Even if you can afford it, please pledge, for solidarity with those that will be driven into poverty by the government pushing the price rises onto us, and not onto the producers who are filing massive profits right now.

The death of Heroku's free tier is a sad thing, and not just because of the price. Heroku was revolutionary in so many ways, and the freemium model empowered so many experiments that now will be harder. Thanks, Salesforce.

I'm just trying to upgrade one app. It's taken me a week of different attempts so far.

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I'm rather unhappy with Rails 7 moving away from webpacker to a variety of different choices. Not because I loved webpacker at all, but because there appears to be no decent migration documentation. It's like being in Javascriptland again.

For example, you'd get to work on really cool impactful stuff like making UK case law accessible to everyone; this has been my baby for the last 6 months, I'm so proud of it!


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And if you like that, you'll like this dxw Lead Technologist job opening too. Come help me do my job 😃


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Legacy tech systems are like zombies; they survive on brains. My post for dxw's blog, I'm quite pleased with it!


@axwax @RL_Dane @atyh @Zergling_man @benis thanks for all your thoughts, those words have really helped me rephrase and rethink the article I'm writing. I've ended up going with a combination of them in different places, there's not one word that work everywhere! :blob_thanks:

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@northernjamie we think we’ve worked them all out over here at dxw. Some of those are very clever, well done :)

What's the opposite of "smart" or "intelligent" in a technology system? "Dumb" gets used a lot but it's not a great word. Are there better alternatives?

@mdales I’ve tried it so many times and always bounced off again. The problem is I can’t make it solve the actual problem I have (too many channels), it just adds one more.

@mdales it should be, but you’re right, it appears to not be responding. I’ll check it out. Thanks!

Want to come and work at Computing Magazine's "Best Place to Work in Digital (SME) 2022"? Yeah you do :D


Considering subscribing to some sort of popcorn delivery service, the way this is going

@fabs I’m going to try to get the badge to produce some MIDI… I’ll let you know how I get on if you’re interested?

interviewer: can you explain the big gap in your employment history?
me: can you explain the big gap between what your CEO gets paid and what your workers get paid?

I think *maybe* it will step up the input voltage to 12v? Not sure. I have other power supplies, this one must have had something special about it.

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I bought this a while back and have completely forgotten what it is. I think it’s a power supply board with a whole bunch of different voltage outputs, but why, who knows. I’ll just have to build it and find out why I bought it.

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