@amcewen lol amazing. As others have said, a true Big Data problem.

Is there a word for the style of mobile game that has the “10,000 gems for £100” type monetisation? Other than “whale bait”, obvs.

Boris’s government has taken the Trump lesson on board 100%. “What if we just ignore the rules? Nobody will stop us. What will they do, arrest us? LOL.”

We’d better work out what we *will* do, and soon, because they’re not going to miraculously get less corrupt.

The what3words location "terrible.address.system" is in the middle of the sea, which ironically is where what3words belongs. what3words.com/terrible.addres

@mdales done, you should have an invite. Thank you, much appreciated! I promise it's basically zero work required, maybe like 5 minutes a year in total :)

@mdales that's about the size of it yeah. Click a button every couple of months. I'll sign you up :D

I can't find my spudger. I am unable to spudge. Things which should have been spudged are unspudged.

Redesigning our living room. Building a scale model out of Lego to try things out is perfectly normal, right?

I need co-admins for the mastodon.me.uk open collective who can approve server expenses, as they won’t let me do it myself any more (reasonably enough). Any volunteers? Basically no work involved, I don’t even claim that often.

Going to start watching Doctor Who with the 8yo daughter, she's gonna love it. Question is, do I start with the latest series and Jodie Whittaker , or rewind back to Ecclestone and start from there?

I can’t believe it’s 2021 and samba/cifs is still the main option for cross-platform network shares. Isn’t there anything better?

Here's the version that was in my mind. Thank god. Not losing it.


Thank you all for coming to my TED talk.

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WORKED IT OUT! en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saints_( shows that there was a single version of the song, which was in the video, which was *different* from the one on Last Splash (which is the one I listed to death). SO, Last Splash is *wrong* on Apple Music, because it has the single version.

Mystery solved. Now, how to find the original LS version.

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What's going on? 6 Music this morning played "Saints" by the Breeders, and the harmonies were different from those I remember. And I go to listen to Last Splash and they're also different, the high harmony is missing. Have I lost a specific frequency of hearing? Or am I remembering it wrong? ARGH.

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