The slew of emails I've got from GitHub about this nokogiri vulnerability is reminding me of repositories I'd completely forgetten existed...

Incredible to watch 40-odd kite surfers doing their thing off Goring-by-sea. It looks like an enormous amount of fun...

@torgo much appreciated! It was live-streaming some event that you were also presenting at the same time as being asleep. Good trick that!

Dreams can be weird, but one from last night was a cracker. @torgo was asleep at the foot of my bed, but his phone kept waking me up, then someone had left the TV on downstairs, then a neighbour came looking for his cats, all 15 of which were in my house for some reason, and then I think some aliens half-assedly invaded, and then I tried to sell dxw services to my local council (always be closing!). Utter nonsense. Stupid brain. Most of it was reasonably normal-dream-weird, but why @torgo?

confusion levels are 90% and rising

(90%) ■■■■■■■■■□

@kev we absolutely are. Either that or we all have superpowers!

Thank god for /r/outoftheloop. If, like me, you’ve got no idea what’s going on on social media this morning:

I’m positive there is a good word for this, but I just can’t think of it!

I have a mental block. I need a word for a piece of software that isn’t reused by anything else - like the opposite of a library or component. Could be an app, a website, any sort of end-result thing...

Sad to see GitHub geoblocking users in Iran. I’m sure they’ve been forced to by the real problem here, but it still sucks.


I know that UK politics is so screwed it’s beyond tragic, but if you do want to at least try to do *something*, is still alive but in desperate need of new blood and energy.

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