Going to take an obsolete 2009 macbook to for the basic stuff I'll need (writing a talk, being the main one), but without the risk of taking my normal machine. What distro would you recommend I put on it?

@axwax @jokke yeah, I only linked the 4.0 docs as that seems to be the only one in stock; I think, if you can get hold of one, any of 3.6, 4.0 and 4.1 will do it.

@jokke I've not tried it yet, but over the next couple of weeks I'm hoping to build a USB -> DIN converter using a Teensy. It has a host-capable USB header, and includes MIDI capability: pjrc.com/store/teensy40.html#c. I'm using the 3.6, but it looks like the 4.0 can do the same and is in stock.

TFW you're looking around for a thing but can't find it, then realise that the thing you built already nearly does the thing and you might be able to make it do the thing without too much effort.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is insufficiently documented

@pimterry well! TIL, thank you. That must mean there are a lot of breaking changes, but it makes sense if they batch it up that way.

@Floppy Node is both time-based _and_ semver though. Only major versions have breaking changes, and features vs bug fixes decides minor or patch bump.

The schedule just regulates batching up of breaking changes, and which versions get backported fixes for how long. All semver compatible.

For dev tools, any sort of time-based or regularly-incremented versioning scheme can get in the sea. Looking at you, Node.js.

Just put in an talk proposal about Aphantasia, because (a) submission were still open, (b) having to write one talk is apparently not enough, and (c) I'm an idiot.


@ianames oh god, why didn’t I just skip today?

@ashinonyx thanks! Glad you like the idea!

Also, I have a cat question and your bio says I should ask it! Why are their eye bogies black, when ours are much lighter in colour? Is that a thing, or do I just have a really dirty cat?

RT @GlobalEcoGuy@twitter.com

With crypto crashing, hopefully to zero, we have a potential ~0.1 Gt-CO2 per year savings in greenhouse gas emissions on the table.

Cool. That’s 10,000x larger than all the world’s carbon capture technologies to date. And it could happen immediately.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/GlobalEcoGuy/statu

Who out there in the :fediverse: would be interested in a federated 3d model hosting service, like a decentralised Thingiverse?

I'm building github.com/Floppy/van_dam as a personal self-hosted app to manage local files, but with I think a few changes it could also be a federated hosting tool, and my brain keeps thinking about having a go at making it speak .

Thoughts, anyone? Worth a go?

@JMMaok that sounds good! Having trouble finding it though, do you know a link perchance?

...and thanks to @JMMaok, we now have a thank-you image here. :blob_thanks:

If you know of alternatives, or other emoji we should have, shout!

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