Looks like this might be a quality project organising volunteers to make PPE to the right standard for the NHS. Time to order more filament. 3pinnovation.com/contentfiles/

Do tv presenters now have marks on their ceiling to look at where their copresenters are?

FSF: "Try these things that are better than Zoom!" - proceeds to list a bunch of things that do different jobs not as well (with the almost-exception of Jitsi): fsf.org/blogs/community/better

Really could do with (bluetooth) webcam / video calling support on the AppleTV right about now.

@art probably does. Bathroom tap water isn't always a direct mains feed, there's often a header tank in the loft which is used instead of the mains so that hot and cold are at the same pressure. Which is also why you shouldn't really drink bathroom tap cold water, it's been sitting around a while. At least that's what my mum taught me...

@coding_hedgehog yeah, they're old spam accounts that were silent until now. Sneaky buggers. I'll clean them out.

@coding_hedgehog goddamn, how did they get in? I've been manually appriving accounts for a while to avoid this. These might be old zombie ones that have woken up. Any reports you can do would help me get rid of them!

I don’t know if is a thing, but Amazon pushing “look we’re helping to save you” on their homepage all the time is definitely it. Maybe if you paid your damn tax we might be able to afford some ventilators?

@CreatureOfTheHill thank you, that's great advice. It's not all about the worksheets.

The spam signups on mastodon.me.uk (which I moderate before they get to do anything) are now advertising Chloroquine. Fuck you, spammers. Fuck you very much.

(In no way do I manage to follow this advice, btw, I feel guilty *all the time*)

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Self-help advice for parents now trying to teach kids at home:

My daughter has special needs; it’s taken me a long time to realise that she could ALWAYS take more attention, more energy and more help, no matter how much we give. There's no point feeling guilt about not giving more, because there can NEVER be enough. we have to be OK with doing what we can sustainably do.

The same goes for teaching your kids at home. There can never be enough, so you have be OK with what you can manage.

Is there such a thing as a Continuous Cortisol Monitor? I feel I could do with a graph and alerts to quantify exactly how overstressed I am. Data solves everything doesn't it?

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You must remember to take regular breaks when working from home to avoid the #coronavirus #covid19, so here’s some entertainment for you on your break 😆

You can thank me later 😂🤣


🐦🔗: twitter.com/Baskers/status/124

If tabletop simulator could update to 64-bit so it'll run on Catalina, that would be great right about now.

Coronavirus Tech Handbook - resources for techies who want to help out 

enlightenment levels are 39% and falling

(39%) ■■■□□□□□□□

Companies: unless you are delivering me critical information or giving me something for free, you don't need to email me your advertising disguised as "what we're doing about "

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