@mdales that sounds wonderful. Family comes with a big pile of very specific tasks and not much time, unfortunately.

Was looking for something to read to my 8yo, and then suddenly, had a brainwave! So we're starting John Chrisopher's Tripods trilogy 😀

@cinebox Yes but one that automatically burns lots of energy because Reasons.

Oops I accidentally double-negatived myself and designed a mutable blockchain.

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Going to start a blockchain system to keep a universal non-immutable log of when people I respect fell for the allure of crypto bullshit.

Unworkable proposal: month-long paid post-COVID sabbatical for the entire country so that we can try to remember what existing as our normal selves is like.

@mdales This lockdown has done a number on me as well. I'm feeling very very weird as it lifts, like I've forgotten how to exist in the normal world. A week off to find yourself again sounds like the minimum viable start of a solution.

Which, to be fair, if I got a tattoo, is probably what I'd get.

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Remembered I dreamt about getting a tattoo, only the artist started doing a huge thing cringey on my back, when I just wanted a "42" on my shoulder.

My touchpad takes half a second to respond whenever I start moving. It's driving me (not that) slowly insane.

i view bitcoin and blockchain as a sort of antithesis to the promise of P2P and digital data, because artificial scarcity is a myth to digital data and it was all about sharing for mutual benefit

to see it used to enforce an artificial scarcity with greed and CO2 is perverse

@dan this pun is a *true* work of digital art. I applaud you, sir.

Might start an NFT system for the natural numbers. I reckon people would pay quite a bit to own 0.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from nature.

Introduced 8yo daughter to “Day of the Tentacle Remastered” on PS4. I think this makes me a good parent, in my book at least.

Youngest has developed a habit of hiding the TV remote down the side of her sofa cushion. I’m considering not nipping it in the bud, in order to preemptively annoy her future partners.

@themactep@fosstodon.org I hadn’t thought it through that far :D

@themactep@fosstodon.org The sort of personality type quiz you get in magazines - cosmopolitan.com/sex-love/a269 is a reasonable example :)

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