So I've found a long-standing problem and 100% rewritten an entire microservice in one evening? What of it?

Trust me computer, that's a feature, not an error.

Learning day at work, so it’s time to finally crack through The Manager’s Path, try to work out what the hell I’m doing with my random walk of a “career”.

Raspberry pi TV HAT didn’t fit with my previous case, so I, er, made a new one.

Sitting happily 3m away from me while I cross Horsham Park in the dark. No fox given 🦊

This photo has just popped up on my desktop background and I'm unreasonably annoyed by it.

Advice from an experienced software engineer, number 1 in an occasional series. Always present a professional demeanour when joining video conferences.

* runs flow, gets 8 errors
* notices there are 3 new commits to pull down
* runs flow, gets 12 errors

Model strandbeest - amazing bit of engineering!

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