Passengers for the Southern Rail website should move to the front half of the packet, as this website has a short buffer.

(I think it's the wrong URL actually, not their site, but it struck me as amusing)

Forgot I had an Instagram account, as I never used it, but might as well bin it so away it goes.

So happy to finally take the plunge and . Good riddance to a scourge of the web.

Always love coming to in Brighton. Whole place full of people trying to make a better world - what more could you ask for?

A fair few people are looking down on from inside the News Corp building - we can but hope they can inspire some positive change in there.

When you unlock your screen and remember the daft thing you were doing just before that last meeting:

My daughter has discovered that if you put a toy that repeats back what it hears on top of a Smartibot, you can make an automatic screaming machine.

Honestly this isn't the result I expected from the GOV.UK "Prepare for Brexit" quiz, but...

Plumbing experts of the Internet: what is the blue thing here and how might it have come unscrewed and started leaking? Is it just an end cap on a T-piece used to make the pipe reach?

Incredible to watch 40-odd kite surfers doing their thing off Goring-by-sea. It looks like an enormous amount of fun...

A souvenir from one of my favourite gigs. The warm up act was Fred (I think) calling a game of bingo...

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