The chances of anything coming down from above the stage, are a million to one, they said.

Thought I’d got a surprise present in the post, but then…

OK, if this doesn't work, I might have to just accept that my printer doesn't *want* me to print out my own head to stick on a space marine.

Redesigning our living room. Building a scale model out of Lego to try things out is perfectly normal, right?

As always, when presented with any kind of building system, I have built the obligatory SPACESHIP!

In the meantime, the children are long gone.

Was looking for something to read to my 8yo, and then suddenly, had a brainwave! So we're starting John Chrisopher's Tripods trilogy 😀

Sorry but why the hell didn’t they call this a Screwspaper?

Name a more iconic duo. I’ll wait (for my prints to finish)

Weekend achievement #3: Got the library scanner working for my self-hosted 3d print file library, VanDAM:

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"Hey Siri, show me why Twitter is awful and I should just delete my account"

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