Do tv presenters now have marks on their ceiling to look at where their copresenters are?

I don’t know if is a thing, but Amazon pushing “look we’re helping to save you” on their homepage all the time is definitely it. Maybe if you paid your damn tax we might be able to afford some ventilators?

Happy 20th birthday to Vapour Technology, the company @wamonite and I formed, and which set us on our paths to where we are now.

Passengers for the Southern Rail website should move to the front half of the packet, as this website has a short buffer.

(I think it's the wrong URL actually, not their site, but it struck me as amusing)

Forgot I had an Instagram account, as I never used it, but might as well bin it so away it goes.

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So happy to finally take the plunge and . Good riddance to a scourge of the web.

Always love coming to in Brighton. Whole place full of people trying to make a better world - what more could you ask for?

A fair few people are looking down on from inside the News Corp building - we can but hope they can inspire some positive change in there.

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When you unlock your screen and remember the daft thing you were doing just before that last meeting:

My daughter has discovered that if you put a toy that repeats back what it hears on top of a Smartibot, you can make an automatic screaming machine.

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