"Hey Siri, show me why Twitter is awful and I should just delete my account"

Horsham Park, Tory heartland. Good work whoever did this :)

Very pleased with my secondhand ceiling-mounted nanoleaf panels - hopefully they can stave off a bit of the winter darkness.

Giving up on my failed tasks in Streaks and replacing them with the more general “5 ways to well-being” (plus reading), to help me notice those each day and not fail at specific tasks: mind.org.uk/workplace/mental-h

Finally, after 10 years, my Joggler is doing something useful!

As we all know, people only use roads in one way. People in cars can't walk, and cyclists can't own businesses.

When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

Today I’ve been reminded of the time we made Tim Berners-Lee into a spider, for some reason.

In an *extremely* rare parenting win, I have engineered a Ferris wheel for Hatchimals out of a Lego mindstorms set.

Up on top of Bignor Hill waiting for enough darkness to spot the NEOWISE comet...

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