Incredible to watch 40-odd kite surfers doing their thing off Goring-by-sea. It looks like an enormous amount of fun...

A souvenir from one of my favourite gigs. The warm up act was Fred (I think) calling a game of bingo...

Considering this is my new job from Monday, this should be a useful talk...

I found a new favourite bar: Project Orange in Clapham. Pity it’s about an hour from my house.

Advantage of our office location is that I can hold 1:1s with my team at the protest at Oxford Circus.

The definition for Person says it is for "A person (alive, dead, undead or fictional).

Undead or fictional.

Undead OR fictional.


Fizzbot getting a lift on Unicornbot. Great work!

Finally my invitation has arrived. Next up, invoicing George Soros for my part in the New World Order conspiracy.

New smart meters installed. What are the chances I can get data off this thing? No, didn’t think so. An API from the power company? No, didn’t think so either.

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