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Is there any research yet that shows the impact of the 2020 pandemic on weather because of changes in human activity? Because it's GODDAMN HOT OUT THERE.

I mention this because after 9/11 there was an inconclusive theory that a warm spell was caused by lack of contrails:

In an *extremely* rare parenting win, I have engineered a Ferris wheel for Hatchimals out of a Lego mindstorms set.

If you like playing around with robots, I *highly* recommend Smartibot, and now it expands to Smartipresence, a cardboard telepresence robot

Pleased to announce that is now part of the Open Collective UK family! It costs around £360 a year to run the server, so if you can, please set up a small regular donation at to keep us going!

If anyone who sees this has a Skywatcher telescope on an EQ2 mount, can you ping me a DM? I need a replacement knob to hold the mount still on the tripod but I can't find what it should look like.

Up on top of Bignor Hill waiting for enough darkness to spot the NEOWISE comet...

We need a collaborative project to stock up giphy with stuff from the 80s and 90s (and earlier), because I can never find the thing I want. Also, someone get these kids off my lawn.

Any Rand institute gets government loan:

In other news, the concept of Irony has been retired through overuse. It will move into a retirement home along with Satire, who found it increasingly hard to keep up with the actual real world.

Seriously wondering how I could turn into a piece of evolving art that I could hang on the wall. It's just gorgeous.

“You’re not alone” is the “thoughts and prayers” of mental health.

PSA: it’s OK to make tiny positive changes that don’t solve huge problems in one go.

Lockdown is really helping me work on my Londo Mollari eyebrows. Just got to stop before I go full Thufir Hawat.

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