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I’m going to start calling everything “pre apocalyptic”

Fizzbot getting a lift on Unicornbot. Great work!

Are there any CLI tools out there for automating setup of dev ecosystem tools like codecov, dependabot/, codacy across multiple repositories? Github marketplace did a good job, but Gitlab is less easy.

BRB redirecting the Wikipedia page for "scope creep" to

If I had all the money in the world I'd pay someone else to break in my new DMs.

Evening choices:

* [ ] Play Sunless Skies (released yesterday)
* [ ] Play Spinnortality (released today)
* [ ] Fix my E:D HOTAS configuration now I've realised that most of the bindings are terrible
* [x] Turn off computer and go do something else instead

Where do all the lost keystrokes go, that didn't go into the right window? Do they go somewhere with the biros and unpaired socks?

In case you missed it, we're looking for a leader to inspire and coach our team of user researchers on the national NHS website

So many services don't support changing your username. This sucks if you use your full name as a username, then happen to change it... which isn't exactly uncommon.

I've got a sneaky suspicion if dev teams had better gender balance this wouldn't be the case :\

OH: "do you think we can extract energy from the pun field?"

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There are a disturbing lack of GIFs from “The Death of Stalin” online. Bloody millennials.

Anyone know of a good tool to apply a standard set of files (and ideally other settings) across a whole bunch of git repositories?

Finally my invitation has arrived. Next up, invoicing George Soros for my part in the New World Order conspiracy.

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