I’m officially intrigued. I’ve never used Gopher but it sounds like we’d get along... does it make sense to port/serve my blog to/on Gopher[space]?

“We must revive Gopherspace”

@paul There is (or at least, there was last time I used gopher - which *checks* was in 2014 while writing this talk a Gopher server in Southport. Sadly these days you have to install a plugin in Firefox to be able to access gopher:// urls 😞

@paul That article doesn't particularly explain why gopher is a magic bullet. It could just be that no-one has spent any time working out how to put trackers into gopher - it's not like HTTP is especially *good* for surveillance, but advertisers have 20-odd years of looking for ways to do it. Gopher is also a pretty plain experience - no inline images/video/etc. IIRC. That's why the web was such a revelation when it arrived (never mind what you can do when you add javascript to the mix...)

@paul Nooooo!!! I was there. I started uni with no www. Gopher was like being blindfolded in the dark knowing a great internet could be out there somewhere. http+html was the great breakthrough.

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