Finally back on Mastodon after several months, purely because Tootdon went away and I only just got around to choosing another client 😕

I just love it when LastPass servers timeout and lose the new random password I just saved

All developers should have to play this “game” daily for a week as part of their education.

It’s brilliantly bad, and so extremely familiar that I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry

This is a wonderful game where you are a propaganda mastermind, learning the tricks of

@Edent Hey! Just found this moixa websockets API client on Github and thought of you:

Did you find a way of getting data out again?

Been talking to about getting data out of Moixa and building a HomeAssistant module 🎛

Another productive week! We released v1.1 and started making it possible to edit a team

We did a practice pitch this week. It was cool. Do you know any grant funders we should be speaking to?

Weeknotes from @ian The future, customers and funders 🔮

❔Collect less
🔒 Encrypt more
❌ Delete often

A simple but uncommon recipe for a safer, more respectful way of running an organisation.

Puzzled (and initially alarmed) why I got a Github 2-factor SMS out the blue yesterday. I don’t have SMS 2-factor on any of my accounts...

I can feel the pressure of the last few weeks subsiding. Released Fluidkeys 1.0 yesterday and appeared on FLOSS weekly podcast today. Quite a few sleepless nights! But we did it! And we get a (sunny) change of scene at the Internet Freedom Festival in Valencia next week ☀️

I thought it was quaint that our members of parliament physically walk through a counting area, and are physically counted, until I watched it in realtime. FFS, get an electronic vote counting system like everyone else.

@wiktor Hey, d'you know of an existing authentication protocol over HTTPS that uses PGP keys?

Thinking about tunnelling our API calls inside e.g. AES-GCM (like 1Password for teams), looking for an existing mechanism for establishing the shared secret based on the user's PGP key...

Awesome watching @ian automate deleting email addresses from a Google Sheet after 30 days. More of this to come ...

Trying to detangle my final Google thing: Calendar.

I've been stuck because of reciprocal sharing with my family's calendars.

Google makes it impossible for them to share with me if I don't have a Google account...

Solution is to keep an otherwise inactive Google account *just* to "receive" their calendar, then pull their cals into Fastmail by connecting it to the G account :\

Can anyone name some good technical non-profits? I’m planning to read their articles of association and see how they’ve defined their social purpose. Obvious ones: signal, mozilla, tor, let’s encrypt...

Entirely pointless potential Saturday morning project alert.

Now that smart reply AI has got so good, it feels like the right time to revisit making a chatbot to reply to all the exciting “business opportunities” I’m getting via email...

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