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Adrian McEwen @[email protected]

Taking the opportunity of provisioning a new laptop to actually move my Mastodon tab to somewhere where I might check it from time to time. It'd be nice to slowly migrate over here from Twitter...

I'm helping to wrangel the decentralisation space at mozfest this year - blog post here - Check out all the space here - please propose a session and/or come along! October 27-29, London.

Anyone know how I find someone and follow them from the Tusky Android app? (or alternatively of a better Android app to use that has that feature?) Had to wait till I got to my laptop to be able to follow @cubicgarden tonight, which isn't ideal :-)

Turns out proposing things for a party manifesto for is easier than I thought! Well, it is when the party is as clued-up on digital as @somethingnew See my proposal at (and the manifesto itself at

Wondering (more expansively) over here (rather than Twitter) whether @somethingnew has the "specific regulations" (searching for that is the easiest way to find it) for privacy and data in its manifesto? And apologies, @Floppy, for not submitting a pull request to add it (although I'll try to find time later to do so)

iamdanw :
agnieszka l. on Twitter:

Technologies change, but the core questions endure. These from 1982 (Reineckeโ€™s Electronic Illusions). Important we keep asking them.

I'm talking about DoES Liverpool (and making in general I expect) over at Chester Devs next Weds. @rossjones fancy a trip to Chester? :-)

Mastodon, Twitter and publics

Long ago, I wrote about the theory of social sites, with the then-young Twitter as the exemplar. As Mastodon, GnuSocial and other federated sites have caught some attention recently, I thought I'd revisit these theories.

We now have 5 potential candidates wanting to stand for @somethingnew Crikey.

First semi-professional blog post, shame about the editing though ๐Ÿ˜ž

This morning @Alastair and @matt have joined the opencollective, helping to keep this instance running!

Running the server currently costs $30 a month, and every donation helps keep that up for the long term.

Support your local server now, at

Are any of the other instances (beyond set up as cooperatives or similar paid-for-by-the-members? That feels like a much more sustainable model than "rely on the spare time and kindness of geeks".

Yay, thanks @amcewen, our first contributor on the opencollective ๐Ÿ˜€

If users on this server donated a dollar a month to keep it running, we'd easily cover our costs.

Good news! is now on OpenCollective, where we can crowdsource the running costs. Set up a regular donation now, everything helps!

More information to come on there later about what we need to raise, etc.

my pals and i are very interested in making art bots that address the ethical and social challenges of bots in social media and beyond. we're always talking about about these sorts of things, and it's why i decided to make my bot's tweets unlisted by default. mentions one of our common principals, "Bots Should Punch Up" If you would like to chat w/ or other bot makers like me look for the #botAlly hashag. :grin:

It looks like itโ€™s general election time again. Get in touch here to stand for Something New, we need YOU: