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Adrian McEwen

Who knows a good front end dev? How is it possible that we are having a hard time filling a #job for @greenpeace international 1st #FOSS project? Peeps - please share:

I am teaching a course in the Fall called Data & Social Justice at Bennington College. I'm still developing the syllabus and would appreciate your opinions, fediverse.

Also includes details of some talks/conferences I'm speaking at in the coming months, and info on my availability for new work (spoiler: you should give me a shout if I can help you build things! :-)

Realised that things have been too busy at MCQN Ltd that I've not written anything about it on the blog. Behold, the "Summer Summary", or "what I've been up to lately"


Finding new people to follow is hard for newbies on any platform. I'm hoping that #Trunk can help. What I need is people volunteering to be on lists so newbies can follow a bunch of people right away. Please reply to this post if you agree to be on a list. Feel free to suggest new lists that I haven't thought of. (Living in my own filter bubble, I know!) Please boost!
Also looking for more lists. 😃

The full quote was in fact:

"An open or decentralized system is not enough. I am not interested in building an open decentralized system that is good for:
.. surveillance
.. government control
.. misogynists
.. violent threats
.. corporate surveillance environment
and bad for individual human beings trying to live our lives"

@frankieroberto @amcewen I use Amaroq in iOS, it’s pretty much just a wrapper for the mobile site with notifications, which seems pretty perfect to me.

Hello everyone. Thanks to @amcewen for the invite. Can anyone recommend an iOS app for this?

Talking of divestment, if you don’t know what your pension is invested in, it’s probably killing the planet. Move it to one that looks after it, like the Future World plan from (who make it dead easy to switch):

One of the long-term projects I've been working on is Museum in a Box, which is making museum collections more widely available with and tech ( & ). We want to take it to the next level but need your help to do that!

#ff accounts to follow—no particular order, not exhaustive, just some friends and acquaintances and others on here with good feeds and/or with whom I've had good interactions recently


and yes I know it's not friday but I'm trying to build some network effects here

Heh, just managed to type "ssh" rather than "shh". Anyone would think I'd just pushed this commit...

Excited to be co-organising a conference on , scaling up, making it (physically), making it (happen), and making it (a success) . Held at DoES Liverpool on October 12th 2018. Tickets at

Ethics/regulation; "technical intuition"; commons; politics... this week's Interesting Things on the Internet

"40 years ago a group of skilled engineers at Lucas Aerospace UK, when threatened with redundancy, responded with an ambitious plan to make better use of their talents - designing what they called socially useful and environmentally sustainable alternatives to the military products their company made - including a wind turbine, hybrid car, heat pump and energy efficient housing."

We still need that sort of plan now. Wonder what lessons we can learn?