Can someone recommend a GDPR Subject Access Request template, preferably in LaTeX? Also how do I ask my data to be deleted?

I never sent one and want to try out at a provider which does not seem to offer an option for account deletion...

Pen plotting; LED VU-meters; and shipping out product. This week's : Week 808 - Shipping Product

The Totaliser is slowly taking shape, as is the teleprinter. The latest : Week 807 - Arrested Development

I assumed that if GPT-3 generated pickup lines, they would be terrible because they would be something like human pickup lines. Instead, they are terrible for more delightful reasons.

Liverpool Council are looking to see how they can improve in the city, so I wrote up some of my ideas (not just applicable to Liverpool)

Reading (found via @KevinMarks) and thinking about how the talk of being more of a social movement echoes my pondering on the How they're both a bit messy, but tending towards action. Maybe the movement I really want is - a random coining of "Rough Consensus; Running Code" (from the David Clark quote There's room for difference & imperfection, but we try to work together and deeds > words

I just downloaded Feminist City from, which they’ve made free to download until March 23rd (in light of recent events in the UK):

Signs of life from the ! In part 3 of our ongoing series Paul and I got to where we can hand-crank the transmitter and have it send the right codes!

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Soldering, putting the LED boards back on sale, and chatting about measuring the environmental impact of electronics; the latest : Week 806 - The Shop is Restocked!

Following a session of soldering on Friday, the new, improved My Baby's Got LED boards are back in stock in the
store Here's a of the board production!

@Snoof having looked at , I found this fantastic video. Do you think Chris could recreate this with a bike pump? I can lend him my track pump if that helps... 🤣

The messy middle of prototyping, and more. This week's : Week 805 - Total Chaos

Tim Hunkin is starting a 'secret life of components' series; for those who don't know him, he's a nicely crazy artist/mech hacker who does weird automaton/games, and has presented a series on 'the life of machines' (mostly home white goods) many years ago. Recommended.

Paul, Jen and I did some more work on tidying up the on Saturday, so there's a new video diary now out - focusing mostly on the transmitter unit

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Testing; talking to customers; and releasing a fixed PCB to production (RTP! I've not used that phrase since I was at Microsoft in the early 2000s!). The latest : Week 804 - New My Baby's Got LED Boards Off to Production

Got the high-current capability reworked and improved for the My Baby's Got LED board. New design all worked up in and a batch ordered, so there should be fresh boards ready to buy mid-March. Waitlist at

Getting excited for #igniteliv tonight. I will be pressing buttons behind the scenes, it's more difficult than it sounds honest. You can watch us live at 7pm via It's gonna be fun :)

It wasn't really a /hard/ decision, but it wasn't a fun one. The latest : Week 803 - Releasing Videos and (Temporarily) Pulling Products

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