Getting ready to start at 2pm. Grab a brew and fire up the stream if you want to join me... πŸ‘†

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It's been a while since I worked on and I'm free this weekend. Join me for some tomorrow (Sat) 2pm BST as we explore making our own tileset for . Watch the stream at; join in at


#Technology must protect and empower the people who use it. What needs to change to make that reality? &, authors of the Declaration Digital Autonomy, join FLOSS Weekly #podcast with & Listen now.


I have had these questions floating in my head for awhile and they still remain unanswered. Could you possibly help?

- Why are there so few FOSS based solutions for health empowerment?
- Why in 2020 do we (users/citizens) still have to manually collect and aggregate our own biomarkers? Why is there no freely available tool for this? Is it a technical issue?
- Is it all a money issue?

#helpwanted #healthempowerment #FOSS #libre #OpenQuestions #OSS #quantifiedhealth @OpenSource @fsfe @fsf

I have successfully received and decoded my first ship AIS messages, with my new RTL-SDR dongle and a Raspberry Pi. Turns out there's only one ship within range of my flat: RRS Sir David Attenborough (or not-). Not a bad first ship to spot!

Chasing down tiny power gains today. Turns out adding "import json" to an ESP32 micropython program (even without using it) consumes 3uWh of power (not doing that is a 1% gain on this code...)

And if you want to receive these when they're published, either subscribe to my blog's feed or stick your email address in the box at the bottom of that blog post. And if you're not sure what I mean by "feed", check out Matt Webb's

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Continuing my just-before-the-next-one-drops, the latest Interesting Things on the Internet: government; anarchism; and lots more

Blog All Dog-eared Pages: Command and Control by Eric Schlosser. Fantastic and terrifying tales of America's (lack of) nuclear weapon safety

doing my first thread modelling in . Will stick it on the tomorrow for a test and see if it'll fit this empty drinks bottle...

In order to keep costs down, the server will be moving to a shared host in France;.

I wanted to keep it in the UK, but sadly the costs of dedicated hosting are not being covered by donations. If more supporters donate, we could move it back to the UK in future - set up a donation at if you can!

The move shouldn't affect any actual use of the server, it's all behind the scenes.

I think I haven't quite mastered the art of how to phrase a question in an understandable way...

My question in the last session (about commons) kind of got lost, but I ponder about it a lot...

How to communicate about the commons? (in order to grow more).

The theoretical/conceptual basis for it is engaging for some people, but probably not most.

(I want to personally shift from theorizing --> actually "commoning", but I suspect asking people to "common with me" will not go well...)

The stir to action (online) festival started this morning -->

I made a selection of the sessions that I'm interested in (next toot...) ... not sure I can actually attend many of them, but let's see!

In yesterday's session, while Bernadette built her bench map, I built a map of bike parking in Liverpool (and beyond). The map is live at

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Slowly adding some features to the company website. now supports on blog posts and catalogue entries

Sunday afternoon (2pm BST start) I'll be making a custom map with . Watch the stream at or join in the making at

Hey, coding pals! Ilya writes:

Want to play a key role in a growing ecosystem of cutting-edge open source web archiving tools, and make web archiving easier and more accessible to all?

Webrecorder is now hiring a generalist developer on a contract basis:

Apply by September 15th!

A short week in the shop: fixing up my cigar box guitar, gluing up the body from last week, and looking briefly at sources of wood.

Leaders; getting paid - in multiple ways; sustainability; and graphic designer Paul Peter Piech: the latest Interesting Things on the Internet

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