Finding new ways to drive lots of ... New
: Week 785 - Shedding Light on a New Product

Multi-tasking. Creating new symbols in for , while documenting the process for part of the design course

Unions; startups; maintenance; the pandemic; public tech; and small spaces - Oct 12th's Interesting Things on the Internet

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#coffeeneuring starts this upcoming weekend. Seven drinks in seven weeks: an excuse to slow down from the randonneuring and big adventure spirit of the summer, to take a cup of coffee or hot chocolate or tea, sit upon an old stone bridge, and enjoy the autumn. 🚴☕🌳

A week in the shop: another demonstration of why you should measure twice, planning pickups for a build, and falling back on my backup amp.


BBC releases 16,000 sound effects which you can use for educational and research purposes.


Repair Day is coming up


"a day to promote and celebrate the value of fixing. The theme for this year’s edition is Repair is Essential"

No Interesting Things on the Internet this week, but given I've got a backlog of editions to post here, let's work through some of them: pandemic; gig economy; university reform; and community farms

A fortnight in the shop: a tale of two neck builds, fixing up an old guitar, and important lessons about hair and wood glue.

I'm working on a piece about how the free software movement's first principle "freedom to run the program for any purpose" is a flawed definition of freedom - only taking into account the individual.

Emma Goldman has a good critique of this, but curious if there are other philosophical and theoretical arguments around the concept of "freedom" I should source.


We volunteer at LifeCycles, a project in Victoria that harvests fruit trees from people's yards and donate them to the various local food banks.

If you have fruit trees and are willing to have people pick them, add your trees to the project.

Turns out I can "see" quite a few ships on the river from my flat. gnuaisgui gives a reasonable, if basic, live map of the AIS messages I'm receiving with my dongle on the

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Hosting #federatedWiki . . are there fedwiki farms out there? I mean, formal fee-for-service hosting services, that have specialist fedwiki capability, and commitment to making the genre more widely used thro support, training, documentation, etc?

Or does the culture of self-hosting and hacker huddles prevail?

Okay, that's all for now. There are really, seriously, a lot of other good talks, and I'm sorry I was only able to highlight a few, but I do have to get back to work! I might come back later and give my thoughts on each one (I did watch all of them). They're all listed here!

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