Spent an excellent afternoon chatting with a bunch of interesting folk about , jobs, fuel cells and how that might weave into helping . The venue wasn't the library, but the first iron-framed church which is opposite

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Heading into a super busy week channelling Hue & Cry's Ordinary Angel, mostly for the line "I want a life that's bigger than me, but I'm crushing myself to death"

There's some good stuff happening this week, but too much of it!


A week in the shop: we hit an epic milestone for the part-3D printed guitar design, and I walk through some of the small details as I refine the CAD model for my second build:


Earlier this year we gave a presentation to the Fabric District (the area of Liverpool where we're based) board about . It's a good overview of both the facilities and the community behind them so we figured it made sense to write it up on the blog to share more widely doesliverpool.com/slides/what-

Next Tuesday I'll be discussing and related topics to explore how they might help the community . We'll be taking a few bits and pieces along for some show-and-tell too


If all sales calls were up-front and as short, I'd be far less sales-hostile.

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Me: answers phone
Guy calling me: "Is that Adrian? I'll be honest with you, this is a sales call, so if that makes you want to hang up we can end it now"
Me: "Heh, probably, although I appreciate your honesty. I guess I can give you 10 seconds to tell me what you're selling"
Guy calling me: "It's a platform to make it easy to manage your data"
Me: "Ah, I'd probably just spin up a TIG stack if I wanted to do that, as I prefer options"
Guy calling me: "Ah, fair enough. Thanks, bye"

DoES Liverpool, the maker and coworking space that I'm a member of, runs a draw every 3 months to offer a free 6 month desk membership and free 6 month workshop membership to anyone who might otherwise struggle to afford it.
The aim is to give people a chance to get their ideas off the ground.
More details here:
Please take a look if you're in Liverpool and think you might benefit, and share with anyone who might be interested.

RT @LpoolMakeFest@twitter.com

liverpoolmakefest.org/2022/05/ - Not long to MakeFest now and we need your help. Would you like to volunteer as part of our crew? You get a funky badge, camaraderie and our undying gratitude. Please help spread the word. Details on the blog there. #LivMF22 #Makers #community #liverpool

🐦🔗: twitter.com/LpoolMakeFest/stat

Plans for our "what's in the water" workshop @emfcamp@twitter.com are progressing nicely - sign up here: emfcamp.org/schedule/2022/246- - thanks for the support @CASAUCL@twitter.com and @UCLCBER@twitter.com to help us support this volunteer led festival - cc @UCLEast@twitter.com

The new wind/solar charger PCBs have arrived at . Looking forward to trying these out (once all the components turn up)

As a knitter starting to sew (and embroider), I have a question for y'all experienced sewists: is there something like Ravelry, but for sewing? (or embroidery?)

And where do you like to buy affordable fabric online?

Thank you for any tips/pointers!

#sewing #fiberart

A week in the shop: dealing with 3D print shrinkage; looking at the tiny design details users will never see; how a damaged guitar body leads to a better design; and just what makes a guitar a Michael Dales guitar?


@methoddan @Mindracer Not the best game, but an excellent result.

Then a ride back round the coast and through the tunnel home.

Riding alongside the bay at dusk was just sublime.

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A perfect day. Started by catching up with mates at 's , then an early dart for a train over the water to this view and a ride round the coast to West Kirby to watch the match with @methoddan @Mindracer and Mike Mc

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