Had the afternoon off for an ride round Croxteth Hall with @Snoof and @huffee, trying out one of the Wheels For All project's hand-cycles

TIL that Delrin burns with a blue flame, like a gas cooker 😆🔥 I was a bit too close with my not-wasting-material in the laser-cutter. Caught it straight away, so no damage done (beyond that particular part that I was cutting...)

Updates on my Älgen guitar design: getting some actual wood, experiments in dying 3D prints, and designing some hopefully correctly complicated jigs:


Tired of sitting at home watching your big screen TV? Go to sea and watch a bigger screen TV instead 😆

Been too busy with CNC plotters (and other things) to post the here of late) - Week 833 - Plotting Different Plotters dlvr.it/S7wWkR

I have a keyboard full of LDPE chips. I think that's a bit like a pocket full of kryptonite

Pleased to report that both the sun and my legs held out last night for another boss ride round Everton, the docks, and the city centre I was piloting the blue cargo bike with the tunes 😍🚲🎶

Last night's ride: West Kirby to Birkenhead, with an optional dip in the sea at Leasowe youtube.com/watch?v=TXGZNhd5FQ (the GoPro wasn't so good in the dusk, it wasn't anywhere near as dark as the video makes out!)

Deciphering serial protocols and lighting up bikes - the latest : Week 832 - Lights! Static and Mobile dlvr.it/S7cQP2

Internet - tell me your recommendations for ergonomic keyboards that work for Mac (ideally split, no num pad, not ludicrious price)

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