Fewer people than usual on the ride, due to the weather but there was only one brief downpour (see second photo, during load securing adjustments to the tunes)

Pétrolette is a free open source customisable news feed reader, with an emphasis on privacy. You can follow at:

➡️ @petrolette (in English and French)

You can self-host, the project's source is at framagit.org/yphil/petrolette

There's an example instance at petrolette.space

The project is looking for help translating into other languages, if you are interested please message the lead developer at @yphil

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I'm at #ReclaimPride at parliament square and I just assumed I would run into somebody I know, but I don't recognise anyone.

Any masto people here? I'm in a floral flat cap and a black t shirt which says "you pass really well"

This afternoon's reading spot, about a third of the way round an ride up to Ainsdale and back

If there's a better feeling than rolling in convoy along the canal near midnight, with tunes from a PA on a cargo bike, after a group ride and a boss outdoor gig LockandQuay in Bootle, then I've not experienced it.

Those cheap-and-cheerful PIR sensors are super-frugal in their power consumption (at 3V and avoiding the regulator, at least). We stuck one on the OTII while working out power budgets and were surprised at the results: 56uA when idle and 142uA when triggered

Is there any reason not to use Google Photos to host photos to embed in a website elsewhere? Failing that, any better ideas for hosting photos somewhere to include in a umap.openstreetmap.fr/en/ map, that isn't buy a hosting account somewhere?

Do you want to work full time redecentralizing the internet and FIX EVERYTHING?

The Internet Archive is hiring! getdweb.net/hiring-dweb-projec #dweb

"I don't think it's because we're going to bring the system down so much as they know the system is crumbling and what they're terrified of is that people will realize it and start organizing alternatives. The only argument they have is that nothing else is possible."

- #DavidGraeber, 2012, #RIP


(Quote transcribed from embedded video)

The police shouldn't be be doing raids to pull down art, regardless if the Establishment feels it's commentary on their status quo. Public servants should serve the public. Otherwise the police are little more than state sanctioned thugs.
RT @Damien_Meade
An armed siege? A terrorist munitions factory? No, just the Police breaking into our studio building in Haggerston on Friday 25th June because there is a sculpture on the roof th…

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