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Adrian McEwen @amcewen

I'm talking about DoES Liverpool (and making in general I expect) over at Chester Devs next Weds. @rossjones fancy a trip to Chester? :-)

@Alastair @Floppy It's working for me atm if that helps tracking things down

@Floppy @somethingnew Return to your constituencies and prepare for Government!

We now have 5 potential candidates wanting to stand for @somethingnew Crikey.

First semi-professional blog post, shame about the editing though 😞

@matt @Alastair @Floppy yay! welcome, newcomers :-)

This morning @Alastair and @matt have joined the opencollective, helping to keep this instance running!

Running the server currently costs $30 a month, and every donation helps keep that up for the long term.

Support your local server now, at

@andypiper hehe. Don't worry, once @Floppy's collective ramps up it'll be able to hire you as part of our Twitter-talent acquisition programme :-D

@Danhon everyone who doesn't study history is yada yada... Although at least now when I'm arguing for more distributed/decentralized approaches I can refer to something /some/ of the people I'm ranting at^h^h talking to might have used ;-)

@Danhon Luckily I just had to cajole @Floppy and he did all the work :-D

Ooh, @galooph, I like the add-on (/other) services as adjuncts idea. Definitely feels like a good idea for there to be instances (companies? collectives? /things/?) with various other things bundled in. As a way round the minimum-payment-worth-setting-up problem at least, but also in the cross-promotion or enough to then sustain the maintainer...

Are any of the other instances (beyond set up as cooperatives or similar paid-for-by-the-members? That feels like a much more sustainable model than "rely on the spare time and kindness of geeks".

You're welcome @Floppy. Thanks for setting it all up. Feels like it's good to set the right sort of approaches early on.

Yay, thanks @amcewen, our first contributor on the opencollective 😀

@Floppy Done! I was amused to see the "what's your twitter handle" option on the "your details" form after I'd signed up :-D

If users on this server donated a dollar a month to keep it running, we'd easily cover our costs.

Good news! is now on OpenCollective, where we can crowdsource the running costs. Set up a regular donation now, everything helps!

More information to come on there later about what we need to raise, etc.