Happened to call into @liverpoollibraries when an amazingly lifelike horse puppet was visiting (video at instagram.com/p/B0BC2FGgj38/)

The big church. Assorted 3-storey buildings in the middle distance for scale.

The Irish ferries squared up for the annual ship tug-of-war championship...

Yesterday was all about design and living in . Today is firing up the oven and soldering up a batch of PCB cufflinks mcqn.com/lfc

Finally made it over to @littlesandboxuk's @sandbox.workshop in Norris Green. A fantastic space and my visit coincided with their weekly gathering. Much , , t-shirt making and going on (more at instagram.com/p/BzY5ygGgSNk/)

A couple of interesting ships at the Pier Head today: Pelican of London and HMS Forth

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