It's not often you see Maersk ships in Canada Dock, but Maersk Cebu is visiting today


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@ntnsndr posted a great idea about "public remote works" programs.

Public work programs like building roads were big part of the New Deal.

What could be similar projects that could be done remotely during this crisis?

Few ideas:
- Gathering Census data and doing other phone interviews for surveys.
- Translations, transcriptions, recording audiobooks.

Writing an article about this to Mutual Interest media co-op.

Any ideas and retoots appreciated!!

Does anyone have any recommendations for a USB oscilloscope/probe thing that'd let me see audio signals? Ideally with two inputs so I can compare before and after?

Spent the afternoon and evening in a quiet @DoESLiverpool workshop testing and prototyping face shield designs. With any luck we'll be able to put our kit to work to help the NHS staff stay safe despite the shortages (more at

Finding the quieter routes for my rides so I can still get some fresh air and exercise

Given everyone is (a) cooped up at home, and (b) thinking about how we switch companies to 'socially useful production', documentary is well worth a watch

Back from an ride and quarantine stocking up in time to catch Adam Greenfield's zoom hangout talking about his experiences and how we might learn from them now

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