The flyover removal does look like something from a Gerry Anderson show

Ah, look who just fixed the bug in his Instagram->Mastodon bridge so it now copes with 500+ character posts... I guess at least I've spammed everyone with (reasonably) nice pictures... 😄

just in time to get drenched. Don't remember the last time I got caught in heavy, wring-your-socks-out-when-you-get-home rain.

Interesting exhibition about modern timber buildings at RIBA North. Could've done with more explanation: photos of the finished buildings so you could see which bits of the architectural models are "this is how wood is used in the building" and which bits are because the model is laser-cutter ply; an explanation *anywhere* of jargon like "CLT" means (my guess of Cross-Laminated Timber was right it turns out). *continues grumbling about a... (more/more at

Levelled up my manufacturing today - just generated the XY positioning files from to send to the production house's pick-and-place machines for the run...

Last few tickets left for the brilliant Leeds GovJam. Not just for public sector people, open to everyone who wants to help make public services better

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