You asked for more technical explainers, it's what you get.

Top article this from Tom. Basic overview, heads to decent technical explanation (I learned some things), and a comparison against other browsers and how they handle the same task.

How #Firefox assures your sync data is kept private. And not some bs version of "private" that has you rolling your eyes.

Quite pleased with this animated gif I made for my talk, showing some of the range of epic sh** that the DoES Liverpool community get up to

Most of these buildings will have seen in the armistice a century ago. I'm pretty sure it would be too early for Great George, the bell in the Anglican cathedral ringing in memoriam today - it was only 14 years into its construction (video at

Drafting a blog post in order to get it out of my head so I can maybe get to sleep, given that my brain is insisting on doing the task regardless of whether it gets typed down or not...

"it's maybe not always experimental, sometimes it's just messy." Lovely quote from @cheapjack in the discussion at

With Marcos' discussions of collaboration & hosting things in other institutions rather than all in Medialab Prado, I'm wondering if we need to find ways not to break out of our silos, but ways to make the silos more open and porous. Encouraging non-zero-sum mentality

How has the Internet changed the way we think? One way is how we've rediscovered the (e.g. , , ). Good point from Medialab Prado's Marcos Garcia

At FACT Liverpool today for the University of Leeds Cultural Institute's Northern symposium


In 2014, when Sierra Leone was hit by the Ebola outbreak, three local software developers kept the country's infrastructure working by rewriting it to #FLOSS. They saved hundreds of thousands lives when companies like Google and IBM backed off, calling the project too risky.

And their own recollection of the events with some technical descriptions:

OH: "Well, so far the infinite monkey theorem is just giving us an infinite number of JavaScript frameworks, and no Shakespeare"

Just once I'd like to read a proposal for encouraging more tech understanding (sorry, "innovation") that *didn't* propose a new building or new "platform". For people so keen on "return on investment" they spend little time looking to work with things that already exist

Some exciting news:
@redecentralize is fundraising to drive a better, fairer, decentralised internet and web! We’ll promote and review #decentralization & #dweb projects, hold events, research & advocate for new systems. Check out our plan & become a patron 🙌

The latest MCQN Ltd (or monthnotes, in this particular case) are now online: Weeks 679-682 - Making IoT More Secure

Signal is testing out a new feature that encrypts message metadata. Once it's widely deployed, their server will facilitate delivering messages but without having access to who is sending them

I also did a brief write-up of the conference itself, which includes a link to the videos of the whole event

A few weeks back, we held the Making It!? conference at DoES Liverpool. I've just published my slides and notes for my talk - "Five Myths of Indie Manufacturing"

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