Survived intact! Get yourselves over to @doesliverpool if you'd like a slice 🎉🎂

Hope this gorgeous @paoloanddonato torta makes it up the hill to @DoESLiverpool okay

@hikinghack Heh, went to follow you after seeing your talk just now and found out I already was. Good talk!

Looking forward to hearing about (and discussing) tools and spaces for collaboration with the (link: community (link:… (from the comfort of my desk in co-working and makerspace DoES Liverpool

So it would seem that I'm going to be on the telly tomorrow evening at 7pm. If only I had a TV... Luckily @thegadgetshow is available online afterwards too!


We're celebrating the month of May by running the Call for Papers for the scheduled track at OggCamp Please put 19-20th October in your calendar, submit talks before the end of May, and share widely with everyone you want to see at the event! Please RT :)


The RSS Sir David Attenborough (or almost-) is coming along nicely in Cammel Laird

Interesting lecture from Elinor Ostrom talking about how manage and the need for trust and communication between groups (among other things)

Love having the Philharmonic Hall five minutes walk from my flat. Had a great evening listening to the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra with @methoddan

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