Friday evening's . A trip over the water (and back under it) with @huffee to the private view of Angelo Madonna and Patric Rogers' new exhibition

A week in the shop: The Delfin guitar becomes one, as the body and neck are joined, and Älgen gets close to being ready for finishing.

Got round to transcribing the "dog-eared" sections of Alison B. Powell's Undoing Optimism.

Which also means I've got a copy free if anyone wants to borrow it...

Blog All Dog-eared Pages: Undoing Optimization by Alison B. Powell

@huffee @concretedog Instead we walked up some glorious hills, and afterwards called in to see the in Porthmadog

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Awesome day off over to N Wales with @huffee to catch up with @concretedog (and his lovely Welsh collie). Took the big train under Conwy Castle

First ride through the dock branch of the tunnel last night, on the way back from a boss ride to West Kirby . That's quite the view of the Liver Building when you emerge

Friday night's
took us East and South on a tour of parks. Newsham, then Springfield, followed by Greenbank, Sefton and finally Princes.

Our route. 30 miles (49km) of the route is off-road (lots of tarmac, some gravel, nothing too rough) which was pretty amazing. Recommended.

Time: 7hrs40min (inc. lunch)
Distance: 47miles 76km

Full route at

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Lovely day for a group some mates. We explored the Sankey Canal Trail, which is a lovely route from Warrington over to Carr Mill in St. Helens.

Climate emergency (and fixing it); AIs and their troubles; dancing; and tech strategy - the April 4th edition of Interesting Things on the Internet

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Power and oligarchs; energy-saving; and communicating online - the March 14th edition of Interesting Things on the Internet

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NFTs; RSS; and why are we doing this thing that none of us wants to do? The February 21st edition of Interesting Things on the Internet

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