A slightly belated this week, but it does feature pictures of a cool WWII teleprinter 😃 dlvr.it/RrSbqH

The next big thing is a lot of small things, and Liverpool is well on the way to that. My visits have been on hiatus during the pandemic but I've written up the idea behind them. Hope to get back to adding more links soon. mcqn.net/mcfilter/archives/liv

Got a new gadget to play with yesterday, complete with potentially-2nd-World-War-era roll of paper

Got my @fosdem talk written and recorded. It's ended up part-manifesto-for-, part-how-to-for-. Join me on 7th Feb to watch it and join the discussion afterwards fosdem.org/2021/schedule/event

Illuminated logo and a bunch of admin; first of 2021: Weeks 796 and 797 - Onwards and Upwards Into the New Year dlvr.it/RqHBFd

Where would you look if you wanted to learn how to decentralise the development of strategy? eg in a member led organisation, or any other group that's trying to share power & leadership

IT'S FREE SEEDS TIME AGAIN if you're in the UK, boost please! 

this year i have no allotment and less garden space and hence less need for seeds. i will post excess ones to you if you're in the uk

as a disclaimer, many of the packets have been open a while and/or have passed their use-by date by a few months, but they're free so who cares right

seeds marked * are ones i've harvested myself, of whose viability i make no guarantee

i'll list available seeds below, reply if you're interested!

Revisiting this 10-year-old post, I reckon I was onto something. Pretentious Middle English proverb as post title probably the SEO-killer blog.mattedgar.com/2011/01/03/

Managed to get my @fosdem talk proposal in on time, hoping to share my journey in making open hardware as an indie manufacturer. Fingers crossed

CNC machining and debugging, this week's : Week 7794 - Picking Up Old Threads dlvr.it/Rp4MT9

A belated from yesterday (because it took a while to get round to pulling the video off the GoPro): a of the ride round my goto route since the pandemic started - an 18 mile loop round North and East Liverpool youtu.be/JbNf6rzzMb4

Is anyone out there doing home automation projects with a special needs / sensory focus? My home is getting smarter, and I'd love to see how that could help my daughter...

@mdales Regarding mynameismwd.org/photos/looking I (as definitely-NOT-a-photographer...) wonder if the portrait framing works against the impression of flatness? For me it feels like the horizon stretching wider would help convey some of the endless skies of the fens. I guess ditto with a 2/3rds sky, 1/3rd land sort of composition. At least that's what I'd be framing if I was in the fens.

A week in and out the shop: Laser cutting all the things, struggling with soft vs hard wood, and making my own Fusion 360 plug in for fretboards.


Going a it bigger picture with this week's and the importance of building rather than imagining: Week 793 - Manifesting Challenges dlvr.it/RnYXD4

And one of the perks of writing course notes in is that when @mdales comes on your course you get pull requests for typo fixes *during the course* 😍 🤣

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