A short week in the shop: fixing up my cigar box guitar, gluing up the body from last week, and looking briefly at sources of wood.

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@mdales Nice to see you back in the shop. And interested in your quest for sustainable wood options. Andy Goodwin did a bit of digging into sustainable plywood during the project and it's a bit of a nightmare, but more of us worrying about it and sharing info is what's going to get us out the other side of that. And I /think/ it'll be easier with solid wood, as there are fewer steps between tree and you. Guess we'll find out 😄

@amcewen yeah. I found some existing work and started from there. I’ll try write up what I have so far. Obviously reclaimed wood is better, but finding that locally has not proved successful

@mdales hmm, I wonder if Happy Haylock would have anything, but (a) they're the wrong side of Cambridge for you, and (b) almost non-existent on the Internet I'll ask my uncle (who lives in Castle Camps) if he knows if they do that sort of stuff and if there's any way to find contact details for them 🙂

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