i made a keyboard that looks like two slices of toast with eggs on them

eggy toast breadboard

A week in the shop: we hit an epic milestone for the part-3D printed guitar design, and I walk through some of the small details as I refine the CAD model for my second build:


DoES Liverpool, the maker and coworking space that I'm a member of, runs a draw every 3 months to offer a free 6 month desk membership and free 6 month workshop membership to anyone who might otherwise struggle to afford it.
The aim is to give people a chance to get their ideas off the ground.
More details here:
Please take a look if you're in Liverpool and think you might benefit, and share with anyone who might be interested.

Earlier this year we gave a presentation to the Fabric District (the area of Liverpool where we're based) board about . It's a good overview of both the facilities and the community behind them so we figured it made sense to write it up on the blog to share more widely doesliverpool.com/slides/what-

RT @LpoolMakeFest@twitter.com

liverpoolmakefest.org/2022/05/ - Not long to MakeFest now and we need your help. Would you like to volunteer as part of our crew? You get a funky badge, camaraderie and our undying gratitude. Please help spread the word. Details on the blog there. #LivMF22 #Makers #community #liverpool

🐦🔗: twitter.com/LpoolMakeFest/stat

@amcewen do the DoES week notes go anywhere that has an RSS feed? I had a nosey on the DoES website but couldn't see them.

brickman room 701, patio building, south fallsburg, new york, 1977

A week in the shop: dealing with 3D print shrinkage; looking at the tiny design details users will never see; how a damaged guitar body leads to a better design; and just what makes a guitar a Michael Dales guitar?


Whilst the sun is out, treating the bike to a spin. It’s a bike that is definitely happier when the weather is warm.

Happy Europe Day!

I was born a member of Europe, and in my soul continue to be so 🇪🇺


I have a friend who is studying instrument making, here are some pics of a guitar she was working!

She'll be doing an apprenticeship in #Glasgow 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 in August, and is looking for some nice people to stay with.

You? Someone you know? DM me!

After a hiatus due to reasons, I'm finally getting time back in the workshop. This week mostly redesigning my tooling after some initial setbacks on my hybrid guitar:


Hi new fedi folks!
I run a mastodon instance on the fediverse called Cathode Church. It’s aimed at trans folks (or genderweird, questioning, yknow), especially makers & tinkerers. This includes writers, coders, and more — or you could just like the vibe.

If this sounds like you, or people you’d like to hang out with, first up, check out the Tenets (rules & expectations): cathode.church/about/more
Then if you’re still keen, apply for an account on the homepage.

If you’ve got any questions about the instance, or my role as admin, or how I run the server, feel free to contact me. If you’re curious about our moderation practices, @moderation publicly toots about major moderation decisions.

@dajbelshaw as a follow up - I had to revert the change I did to use webp on my blog for photographs as it just couldn't cope with more subtle subjects like fog and skies well where you have a slow graduation of tones. I still use it in other places, but for publishing my photography I've gone back to jpeg.

So many responses to my question about password managers yesterday, and the fediverse spoke with a unified voice: try BitWarden. I shall - many thanks everyone!

1Password is becoming proactively bad for my use case - stealing input focus when I don't want it - so on top of declining usability, it's finally time to move on.

I suspect LastPass is the obvious alternative, but does anyone else have any recommendations they'd be happy to share? I need something that'll work on/sync between Windows, macOS, and iOS.

Some notes on processing and displaying geospatial data (in this case forest loss data over the last twenty years):


I'm looking for nice women's #sneakers, UK size 11, ideally subtly gay. I attached a couple of images as examples but they both seem to be out of stock.
If you have any ideas where to look I'd be very grateful!

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