@amcewen unrelated, what focal length lenses do you run in the laser cutters at DoES? All the makespace ones are 50mm and I have a job for which I suspect 100mm will be better suited, but don't know anyone with direct experience of the difference.

For once, I booked my motorbike's service and MOT two months in advance rather than at the last minute. A nail in the road half a week before the service/MOT date and I've had to reschedule it in the same panic I do normally. I'm possibly learning the wrong lesson from all this :)

I do like it when companies post red flags in their job adverts to save me time.

For example: "you must be a top-10% dev" I read as "your future colleagues all think way too much of themselves, and code review will be hell."

Can anyone recommend a place in to buy a laptop? I know that there is Argos, pc world etc here, but I'd like to support an independent retailer.

Fired up the forge this morning. I don’t think I’ve made my shoulder/elbow worse, but I’ll see in the coming days.

Anyway, a work colleague has joined the SCA and needs some utensils, so I started by making a spoon.

Smaller than a soup spoon but bigger than a teaspoon so should prove ok as an all-rounder.

Since eating off carbon steel isn’t great (tastes funny), I opted for stainless, even if it isn’t period.

#blacksmith #cutlery #spoon

Snuck into the workshop for a bit this morning, and L managed to take a picture of me working

We spent a few days camping in Pembrokeshire in Wales, a part of the world I’d never been to before. It was lovely: we swam in the clear sea, we hiked along cliffs, and we saw seals and birds. And we woke up to this view each morning. Looking forward to going back at some point.

I tried a Voi electric scooter for the first time. I enjoyed it, but given I have a push bike it’s hard to justify using one when it costs and is less exercise. But glad they exist for those who need them (modulo sensible usage)

Catch-up notes: Looking at what bridge to use on my headless guitar design, and designing my own 3D printed headpiece to match.


“You have new items to review’” says the email from Etsy, presuming me for an unpaid staff member rather than a customer.

@djsundog It was very difficult for me to post this picture without adding the word "DJ" to it somewhere - that's the power of your brand!


Loving these t-shirt designs: cottonbureau.com/people/rick-c

But welcome to a world where I'm ordering UK designed t-shirts from the US (though to be fair I did order an MKBHD tee at the same time).

Local radio keeps doing little profiles of prominent LGBT+ people from the local area for Pride month

Today was Sophie Wilson, who I had never heard of but apparently she designed the BBC Micro and the instruction set for ARM processors among other things

Every day's a school day

The latest , containing a bunch of excellent links to other people's writing (if i do say so myself 😄 ): Week 820 - Platforms and the Open Web dlvr.it/S2J6sC

I swapped one of my weekly runs for a long boarding session. Currently doing 8km total out and back on the local busway path,, but once I’ve had my second jab I plan to take the bus further out into the fens and longboard back.

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