the arduino ide should be modeled after the borland turbo pascal interface. obviously.

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Tried out an SVG line sorter with the pen plotter - loads quicker than without, but still surprisingly random

A week in and out the shop: Laser cutting all the things, struggling with soft vs hard wood, and making my own Fusion 360 plug in for fretboards.

Why is everyone playing a Justin Timberlake simulator on the internet?

Had my first swab test. I can recommend not doing that for fun.


One of the weird things I do is curating the "Glitch Gallery", which collects accidental artworks, produced by broken or buggy programs! <3

I'm especially amazed by's submission today – she accidentally applied a text material to a tree!


And one of the perks of writing course notes in is that when @mdales comes on your course you get pull requests for typo fixes *during the course* 😍 🤣

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A mixed week in the , but that's the point, reflect on the lows as well as the highs... Week 791 - Not Enough Step Two

A fortnight out the shop: some pickups arrive with a nice surprise, some notes on template design for routing, and other bits of prep away from the workshop

Finally gave No Man’s Sky a proper go, and it’s quite a nice chill distraction thus far

@balrogboogie apologies for the slow reply - I have to confess I've not been checking here due to too much social media of late. If you do have any questions on guitar stuff and i'm slow to respond, feel free to email me (michael @ domain of blog) to prod me :)

A busy week in the shop: putting the new band-saw to good use, the pitfalls of measuring just once before cutting, and a host of smaller updates

A fortnight in and out the shop: I finally get my band-saw, some adventures in pick-guard making, and looking at Fusion 360 for CNCing again.

A week out the shop: laser cutting some cover, doing some exploratory CAD work for a potential client, and (to quote Sheryl Crow) a change can do you good.

I set up my own gitea server on my synology box, and it was wonderfully easy (assuming you know a little bit about docker).

I mostly just followed the steps on the instructions on the last few comments on this thread:

A week in the shop: making lid lips using a router, drilling a lot of holes in one guitar, and wiring up an old strat clone.

Unions; startups; maintenance; the pandemic; public tech; and small spaces - Oct 12th's Interesting Things on the Internet

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A week in the shop: another demonstration of why you should measure twice, planning pickups for a build, and falling back on my backup amp.

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