A week in the shop: Lots of sanding and tidying on my Älgen guitar build as it gets ready for finishing, some last minute template redesigns, and I learn how to use a new 3D printed.


This morning I woke up to find a lot of lovely entries in my feed. I can't do all of looptober, I'm not musically inventive enough, but I wanted to try add something to have at least added to the fun.

This one was inspired by @aparrish 's awesome tracker on gameboy entry from this morning, with me trying to channel a bit of Beautiful Katamari soundtrack.

The 2022 Festival of Maintenance is next Sat, 8th Oct, from 10:00 to 15:45 online.
We've got speakers from a wide range of fields - if you're a maintainer yourself, it's an opportunity to look at the similarities with what you do.
See the schedule here

teaching myself lsdj. i know trackers pretty well but this still took me like an hour haha #looptober

(recorded straight from my gameboy to my phone, if i stick with this i'll figure out a better setup)

"Running a bunch of servers on the same computer is hard!"
> Docker is invented
"Running a bunch of servers is hard!"
> Docker-compose is invented
"Running a bunch of servers is hard!"
> Docker Stack is invented
"Running a bunch of servers is hard!"
> Kubernetes is invented
"Running a bunch of servers is hard!"
> Helm is invented

Do you think maybe there's just no way around a certain level of complexity and abstracting everything into an Escheresque maze of YAML files doesn't actually improve things as a whole

New blog post: ajroach42.com/new-ellijay-tv/

Announcing New Ellijay TV.

(this is a summation of the thread I wrote the other day.)

Darn it, forgot the alt text on that last image - thanks to @alt_text for reminding me.

There's no edit for mastodon and people have already responded to the post so I don't feel I can delete it.

Here's the picture again with an alt text, and my apologies!

Trying to redo my guitar practice to make me more inspired to do so. I think one thing that I miss since the before times is interaction with other musicians and friends, which I have with my photography via Flickr etc.

So for now I'm trying to record a bit of what I practice each day, and some of the better bits make it to my website (other destination suggestions welcome - Soundcloud seems a bit ick these days).


reminder that in javascript [1, 2, 3] + [4, 5, 6] === "1,2,34,5,6"

this is part of why I disagree with people who say "javascript is fine, if you dislike javascript you're just bad at programming"

javascript loves to find constructs whose meaning is so clear you shouldn't even need to think about what they're doing and booby-trap them so that they completely blow up in your face when you do them

A week in and out the shop: A week of having more questions than answers as I hit various build blockers on the Delfin guitar.


I think trying to emulate Twitter, Insta, FB, etc is a core piece of the problem.

Yeah, making those experiences open source is a step in the right direction, but we need to reimagine the social media concept itself because those paradigms were normalized without our interests in mind.

It's past time to let those ideas go.

I’m trying to learn about Fortran, as it’s used a lot still in the scientific community still and I want to appreciate why - I suspect like numpy it makes working with large datasets easier, but it’d be good to properly understand if that’s the case.

Anyone have any Fortran guides they’d recommend?

I've started trying to collate the all the public projects I've worked on over the years: either personal projects or client ones where the result was open source. It's been nice to pull all this together for the first time.

There's quite a few missing alas, esp. from pre-distributed revision control days, and there's a telling gap as I was in a startup from 2012 to 2017, but still it's nice to see this come together as I'd forgotten how much I've played over the years.


@csepp@merveilles.town To be frank, as a community, we need to stop worrying about adoption and usage and focus on safety and sustainability.

This relentless pursuit of expanding user bases is a primary reason ethical concerns take a back seat to features, and the same problems are repeated.

We need an ideological shift that values communities rather than exploiting their usage. If we can get that right, everything else will take care of itself.

Dear so-called “UX” designers, the opposite of “yes” isn’t “not now”, it’s “no.”

#design #deceptiveDesign #bigTech #peopleFarming #ux

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