id like to share the french word for VCR with you because it is pretty good:


Writing an iPhone app in a cafe like it was 2009 all over again.

A chaotic week in the shop: recovering from laptop and backup failure, being filmed for some promo material, and getting on with guitars in between:

And now back up and running after I had both my laptop and primary backup fail at the same time. That money I spent on a NAS and Retrospect backup now seem well invested.

Please check your backups people!

The prototype of my Corvette model is starting to show its shape at last. Really pleased with the lines and how it feels.

developers having powerful development hardware is actively harmful to usable software existing

there is literally an order of magnitude of power difference between the machines many developers use to create their software and the machines that their users will have - and that's assuming the users have brand new (but average) hardware

today's developers write software pretending that there will always be infinite resources, because the computers we have *let* them do that without consequences

Probably going to get a ThinkPad in the coming days, moving from Mac back to Linux after a decade away.

Any top tips config wise?

It's Wearable Tech night at DoES Liverpool tonight Tuesday 10 August from 7 - 9pm.
Everyone's welcome including beginners. Work on your own projects or join in with others.
Picture shows a simple sewn LED circuit on Binca fabric.

This morning, Boris Johnson has switched off the UK’s representative democracy because he doesn’t like what it tells him. And he’s going to ignore the law over a no-deal Brexit. I thought Brexit had already destroyed our standing in the world; turns out we can go lower.

A week in the shop: lots of making dust on the guitars in progress, and fixing some Fusion 360 issues I hit along the way.

Question for my Linux using friends out there: what do you use for video chats with people who are on other platforms? Skype?

Any recommendations for open/secure IM solutions that work over all the major platforms?

* Signal requires mobile, so I can't access it from laptop sans mobile etc.
* requires google recaptcha for sign on, which is a) ironic, and b) I'm boycotting

No unrelated, how do people cope with photo storage issues without lots of drink?

Surprised to discover my current laptop is 5 years old. I suspect this is the longest I've ever had a main use computer.

I'm going to be at OggCamp next month for the first time! Anyone here I know going?*

* other than you @methoddan ;)

Work in tech? Care about the climate? Pledge to support the Global Climate Strike on 20th September:

(For those of us in companies already working for public good, you don't have to walk out all day in a traditional strike, there are other ways to support)

A week out the shop: attending and presenting at Wuthering Bytes, thoughts on comminty, and learning KiCAD for PCB design.

That horrible nagging feeling that your laptop isn't long for this world when you could really do without the expense of replacing it.

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