One nice feature of the thinkpad: fits on the music stand when it’s still too early to run the amp :)

Fran is a trans woman tech youtuber and runs a pedal effects company who has wonderful content. But! Algorithms hide her work- specifically from other women. Share and subscribe and *boost*

Watch "The Frantone Franocaster" on YouTube

Work accomplishments 

A week in the shop: good progress as we near the end of a build, I get a pull request for my fretboard generator, and I make some noise.

To celebrate and amplify the ethos this year I'm hand-delivering copies to interesting, like-minded groups here in Liverpool. First up is Sam from, a brewer making good beer that also looks at its impact and surroundings. Added bonus of lunch at the similarly ace cooperative community bakery

Went to a jamming session today for the first time in ages, and I ended up playing one of the tiny Vox MV50 pedal-sized amps through a Marshall 4x12 cab 😂

It sounded excellent - clean until you pushed it, then a nice bit of grit. First time playing a nu-tube device, but I have to say I was impressed!

Blame and accountability; depressing tech tracking; and universal basic service, rather than . The first Interesting Things on the Internet of 2020 -

Intrigued by Trio, the Python concurrency library. Has anyone here used it in anger?

(I'm not a fan of Python in general, but I am a fan of well structured concurrency)

Getting back into the shop: starting the new year by making a new pick-guard, setting up a new laptop, and playing with some graphic design for fun.

I was very impressed with my move to linux until I hit an issue where randomly, on certain boots, the AMD GPU driver will play up and make my system not work properly. No known fix currently AFAICT 🤦‍♀️

I guess I see why LotD is still a ways off.

OK we need to stop with the argument : "we can't block trackers because then the web won't work anymore." I have been using Brave, Firefox (with Privacy Badger & HTTPS Everywhere), Samsung Internet with Disconnect (& built in tracking protection) & Safari (with Better blocker and 3rd party cookies disabled) for years now. I can report: the web works mostly fine without the tracking. In fact, it's great.

@mdales I don't remember seeing any. They used to be on SD cards, but we're fragile and easy to activate by default.

It seems hardly any USB drives come with a write protect switch these days - anyone know why this has died off as a feature?

in other news, DE ICE trains have an API, I now have a fish snippet that formats it for my status bar if it detects that I'm on an ICE train's WiFi~

I guess this solves dealing with Apple keyboards for a few years

So funking unfit - trying to metaphrically follow in my sister’s footsteps and do some jogging to get fitter post all that eating


It feels difficult to put these things out there so I’m just posting this as it’s important to signpost women in libraries and I wanted to say congratulations to Says such a lot for Northern Libraies too


I’m not a huge fan of this book, but it is putting into words a lot of frustrations I’ve had with software developers who think I pay them for code vs solving problems well.

Does anyone know what’s the best density of EVA foam for a custom pelican case insert?

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