/me is listening to some twentieth century pre-light-emitting-diode euphoric

I was surprised to discover that on my Blackstar HT-20R valve amp there are "no user serviceable parts" - which includes replacing the valves 🤦‍♀️ Valves, like filament bulbs, will just go over time.

Thankfully, having built a valve amp from scratch in the past, I understand the dangers in playing with these things, but it is annoying that they've gone all Apple about it.

And yes, to replace the valves on this amp is not a safe thing to do for the inexperienced. Such terrible product design.

I'm enjoying Signal From Tölva, which is fairly chill as FPSs go, and is very pretty.

It's yet another game that has gone for the "60s sci-f book cover art" style, but because it doesn't try to go for detail and is quite a slow game, I suspect I appreciate the art better whilst playing than I did Destiny or NMS.

I find there's a certain irony in the high price of all the RISC-V books on amazon when compared with lower price for similar books for closed ISAs like x86.

Corvette Catchup: an update on the corvette guitar build, with a deep dive on the custom build bridge I've made for it:


And now I've defined the formats which can be used to send form data to a webservice, which concludes the normative parts of the HTMLite spec I've been drafting!

O.K., I haven't defined multipart/form-data. I'm tempted to leave that for someone else...

Let's see how many appendices I can get through tomorrow?



How about a motorcycle race across the US, with the caveat that all bikes need to be made before 1929?


Figured some people here might be interested:

The Maintainers are funding 4x $10k fellowships next year for people "whose maintenance, repair, and care work has substantial and practical engagements with the environment, and who are passionate about cross-disciplinary and interprofessional collaboration."

Applications due Nov. 4


It's taken 15 years since I bought the album, but I'm finally digging The Brian Jonestown Massacre

One thing I find difficult about learning in the open, as encouraged by @amcewen, is that whilst I'm learning I just grab ideas from any old which place as I throw together code just to explore the problem. But as I learn about the problem I can't share that "Learning In Progress" (due to licensing) until afterwards I go back and do a clean rewrite of what I've learned, and that will necessarily end up being a lesser collection of ideas as it'll not have all the branches I went down to learn.

Finally got around to playing Signal From Tölva, and I really love the art style of the landscape and general sense of rolling hills that you're in.

I bought a “premium” bridge a couple of years ago, and when I came to use it discovered it was warped. They refused to replace it, so I’ve made my own rather than buy another one.

First CNC thing I’ve made in almost 2 years I think!

A couple of years ago I migrated my home office off wifi and onto Ethernet, and today I finally outgrew the 8 port switch. Not sure if that's success or failure.

Updates on my Älgen guitar design: getting some actual wood, experiments in dying 3D prints, and designing some hopefully correctly complicated jigs:


Yesterday I wanted to create a git repository called "stövelrem".

My personal gitea server refused, as apparently ö isn't an alphanumedic according to it 🤦‍♀️

Github accepted it but then gave my repo the name "-st-velre" 🤦‍♀️

Even Make copes with unicode characters, why can't these repository tools cope with a character from the extended ASCII set?!

When I was young, I mostly wanted to learn I was right. Now I'm older, I mostly want to learn how I'm wrong.

Drawing a mess of words onto a large virtual whiteboard as I try and straighten a bunch of ideas in my head around minimal computational environments, which I’ve been failing to find a way to write up for a few weeks now, and cursing @trellick for nudging me down this path :)

Upper body workout day! Both my current “proper” guitar builds are blocked, but I was missing the workshop, so I spent the day carving and radiusing this practice neck by hand :) A great way to end a meh week.

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