Another week out the shop: accepting that guitar building is on hold for now, and finding things to keep me busy in the mean time.

I'm fairly sure I'm now going to Go hell for this code I've just written

A week out the shop: in which I call upon better informed friends to educate me on bandsaws and oscilloscopes.

To all the wonderful makers out there trying to help in the current crisis, please be careful lest you get a magnet stuck up your nose:

Some notes on how I've been using my time stuck inside to revisit photos from previous trips and use them to up my photo editing game:

Does anyone have any recommendations for a USB oscilloscope/probe thing that'd let me see audio signals? Ideally with two inputs so I can compare before and after?

For the first time in about nine years I made it to Flickr explore - not quite the achievement it was back then I suspect, but still a nice thing to wake up.

A week mostly not in the shop: getting set back up ready to build, pondering bandsaws, and pondering what to do during lockdown.

I’ve long had virtual coffee weekly with friends in other countries. Now I’m doing it with friends not over the horizon.

The bunny watches with total indifference whilst I struggle with some code.

Over 300 free MIT-licensed high-quality SVG icons

(submitted by dandanio)

A week getting back in the shop: setting up my new workbench in my new workshop, and some learnings from an issue found on an early build.

Tough times call for tough measures: shaping your own beard, and having to wear a hat whilst you do so due to long hair

Also tried out a pen adapter for the to let me use biros in it rather than custom pens, and had a play with for some nice text infill. Now I need to find some nicer pens for more experiments

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Kurz nach 7, Schlaf ist schon seit Stunden geflohen. Kommt gut in den Samstag....

Somewhere between xmas and new year I started trying to stave off becoming more sedentary as i get older by going running every other day.

They say after 21 days something becomes habit forming, and I can confirm I'm now in the habit of not liking running (but doing it as I know it's good for me).

I have a lot of fecebook contacts who are working musicians and they are losing gigs left and right.

I also have a lot of contacts who depend on income from art/maker fairs who are having important gigs canceled out from under them.

If shows/events you've been planning on attending have been cancelled, please consider going right to the artists' Etsy/Bandcamp pages and spending that money there.

Today I assembled my workbench as I set up in a new workshop. Looking forward to getting back into making guitars after a month or so hiatus!

At least I can remember how to hold a hammer...

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