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Trip to Bakewell and Hathersage, home with 1 heavy pudding and 6 perfectly balanced teaspoons

Boy #3 has spent the day assembling a 3d printer and is now printing a tiny 3d boat

death (long ago) 

Tombstone in Selby Abbey: "Here Lyes the Body of poor Frank Raw
Parish Clark & Gravestone Cutter
And this is write to let ye know:
What Frank for Others, used to do,
Is now for Frank done by Another
Buried: March the 31, 1706
Also Jane his Wife Buried December 10th,

Good morning from sunny Ashford where I'm looking forward to a visit to IC24's 111 contact centre today. Can't wait to meet some of the awesome team who deliver and continuously improve the integrated urgent care service

Looking through the new health and social care integration white paper. Great to see Digital, Data and Technology professionals finally being recognised in NHS career structures (we're currently bundled into "admin and clerical")

Two visions of verification right here. I know which one of them has the truer claim to the spirit of the world wide web

I'm on a train! Off to spend a day learning what it's like for frontline staff using digital in emergency care, and how we might help make things better

Avoiding household chores with a trip to Leeds Art Gallery

New Year's Day walk through a muddy Roundhay Park to Elmete Hall, and home into this sunset

This reflection by primary and secondary care clinicians discovering each others' contexts of use should be required reading for anyone working with

No matter how lovely the fruit of an iterative learning process, when you graft it onto the root stock of linear project management, the more delicate way of being in the world will be choked by sucker branches

PDSA/PDCA cycle fans: it's doing my head in that there's no consistency of colour use in 4 quadrant diagrams. What do you consider the best palette and why?

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