Yesterday's product development show and tell: 110 colleagues joining to hear about work on our new service catalogue and how it will help us see how products fit together from a user's point of view

Upgraded to full fibre. Now this happy cheese plant is enjoying average 300Mbps down, 150 up

First day in an office since March 16, covid-19 secure with a bonus view of Trinity spire

"Creating a map works best as a co-creation activity" - lots to learn in Clara Greo's simple, pragmatic guide to mapping services

@Edent I'm on, so plugins not an option. In any case, you shouldn't need a plugin to make something simpler. If people want bells and whistles, let _them_ be the ones to add plugins

goes to write weeknotes; falls down rabbit hole of seeking alternative blogging platform to escape the accursed Wordpress blocks editor

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Google Photos offered to "fix the lighting" on this one, but I prefer the Yorkshire Sculpture Park with

Both screening and primary care teams are making good use of our NHS design system. They can focus on solving problems unique to their services, knowing that core components wlll be robust and accessible out of the box

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User-centred design graduates Emily and Matt told us how they're testing new interfaces with both experienced admin officers and trainee staff, to make sure their service works for everyone

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74 colleagues tuning in remotely to yesterday's product development show and tell for demos of services used by NHS staff in primary care and cancer screening

And yes, I know that being able to take control of my calendar is a massive privilege, so I have to be mindful of the knock-on effects my actions have on others. Hopefully can be positive for them too

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2 days in, it's working for me. Your mileage may vary

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3. In return, I'm trying to be more present in the meetings I do join, and catch myself from checking emails and other chats unless absolutely necessary

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2. Instead of 1 hour meetings, I try to book 45-minute ones, starting at 5 past the hour, if that's what's needed to give myself and others a breather

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1. I book myself 3 hours per day of continuous meeting-free time.
If I have to give some of it up for some reason, I add to another day's meeting-free time to compensate

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Last 2 weeks:
* Went for some walks
* Sat on an overcast beach
* Looked at some castles

This week:
* Being grateful to colleagues for their brilliant work under trying circumstances
* Re-focusing on what’s important and what’s harder than it should be

"Good usability design draws from a variety of different intellectual cultures including but not limited to psychology, sociology, graphic design and even theatre studies. Multidisciplinary design teams can be very effective, but require particular skills to initiate and sustain."

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Classic: "The Usability of Open Source Software" by David M. Nichols and Michael B. Twidale

– I think it still holds up well after 17 years.


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