Working from home day 110

Self-care is sending to town for a fresh supply of Sharpies

As Alan Cooper said, life's too short for shitty markers

Nurture balanced teams, with mutual respect at all levels. When they work together, social scientists and creatives play a crucial role in channelling and amplifying the impact of talented data scientists and software engineers

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I know from my experience in an engineering-led telecoms giant that the solution is not to create a science, technology, engineering and maths (“STEM”) monoculture

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It is often observed that science and engineering struggle to be heard in the upper echelons of politics and policy-making (so too do service design and user research BTW)

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Seeing talk of the roles of physical and social sciences in decision-making and delivery. As a profession lead for user research, design, and other digital roles, I have Opinions.
Spoiler alert: we need them both, in multidisciplinary teams

A few weeks late, I completed some reflections on reaching 3 years at NHS Digital

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We're looking for an experienced developer to join us in our mission to make better data available to better inform planning and housing decisions. Lot's of prototyping, map-making, and data pipelining awaits:


"Take tackling Covid-19... The critical data, which tells us how humans are responding, is what shapes key policy decisions. And this comes from the discipline of social science"

And for clarity - this is on us, as user researchers, designers and user expereince leaders. It's our job is to make it as easy as possible for colleagues to access insights and prototypes

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Hypothesis: screen flows and journey maps can be useful working tools for delivery teams, but a mark of design maturity is when decision-makers spend less time looking at Powerpoint or PDFs and more interacting with products and prototypes

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Been puzzling over this one. Often...

What people say: "We need an end-to-end view of the customer journey"

What they mean: "We need to immerse ourselves in our users' experiences"

“What are the challenges we need to solve, and what are the capabilities, experiences and backgrounds we must possess to address these challenges in new ways?”

Use "exploration" to quickly frame and fund discovery right, not to impose stakeholder-anxiety-driven limits on the discovery team

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In the years since I've seen organisations that do the "few things you need to do pre-discovery" really well, and others that seem to make heavy weather of it

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In the early iterations of the service manual, there was a line something like "there are a few things that you'll want to do pre-discovery". Before you knew it, departments had invented a whole new phase. Always made me uncomfortable

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