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We’ve already got an “everything app.” It’s called the World Wide Web.

Found a lot of conversations about change at work getting tangled up in mismatched assumptions about what timeframe we're imagining. Made myself a little tool to clarify that at the start of every meeting

Recommend that anyone leading large scale organisation change should read and reflect on the guilty verdicts against bullying France Telecom executives for the way they ran a restructuring and job cuts programme

reports of suicide 

EN: In 2006, Didier Lombard used these sinister words in front of executives of the company: "I will make the departures one way or another, by the window or by the door". The investigation recognized 39 victims of harassment, 19 of whom committed suicide.

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reports of suicide 

FR: En 2006, Didier Lombard avait eu ce mot sinistre devant des cadres de l’entreprise : «Je ferai les départs d’une façon ou d’une autre, par la fenêtre ou par la porte». L’instruction a reconnu 39 victimes de faits de harcèlement, dont 19 se sont suicidées.

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Getting excited for @ukhealthcamp on Sat 15th Oct! It’s been a few years, and there is a LOT to talk about from the last few years. for more info and free tickets.

If child care is a consideration for you, we might be able to help with that too. #ukhc22

Booked my ticket for UK Health Camp, the free unconference for everyone interested in digital, design and data for health and care. Can't wait!

Enjoyed watching Darius in conversation with my brilliant colleague Rachel Hope "Primer: Frighteningly ambitious ideas and patient execution"

There's some new infrastructure for horseless carriages too, apparently. Didn't fancy joining them here

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Not all finished but I can see what it's going to be. Good job, Leeds Council, and all the campaigners who hold the transport planners to account

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Sunday morning cycle to check out the vast new cycle network that is opening to the north and east of Leeds. Lovely to see families using it to ride safely together

Channelling David Marquet, now I need people to tell me

What was unclear?
What would you like to hear more about?
What didn't sound right to you?
How do you see it differently?

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After a week where I struggled to get the message across about modern digital delivery practices, I dove into my blog's back catalogue and realised I've written this story several times before

I know we've raised the boys right when one of them enters the room, looks straight at my laptop screen and asks "Why is it in Papyrus?!"

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