✅ Drove spouse to vaccination
✅ Took stuff to tip
✅ Quick trip to supermarket
✅ Got own first dose of AZ and have a sticker to prove it
🛋️ No plans for rest of day

Arriving at my homeworking desk this morning, I find a discarded facemask and an empty Tunnock's wrapper. Like I've been visited by a crap lockdown Milk Tray man in the night

Went for a walk. Chanced upon the unusual art pottery flanked gravestone of Sarah Robinson, oldest person in the IMDB

Keeping it local, Saturday afternoon cycle round Adel and Meanwood

Some news: at the end of March I'll be moving to a new role, as director of service transformation for digital urgent and emergency care in NHSx

Working from home day 329. The teens have hoarded all the glasses in the house, so now I get to recreate that NHS office life classic: the mug of water

A very rainy walk around Wentworth Castle Gardens. Bonus find: monument to a woman pioneer of inoculation

I thought Big Sur was a faff, then came this Windows Update

Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do!
It was during an episode of Torchwood in which the characters barricade themselves inside a house to escape a sinister menace


Upgraded to full fibre. Now this happy cheese plant is enjoying average 300Mbps down, 150 up

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