Leicester Hospitals CIO Andy Carruthers explaining how he has seen the benefits of prioritising usability/co-design and treating the EPR as a digital product, not just a programme

Caught a picture of this winged menace just a few seconds before it flew off with the teaspoon

Today, after months of remote working, I finally introduced my corporate laptop to its natural habitat. It felt so at home it immediately began a 90-minute Windows update

Find someone who cares about you the way these people care about a 3.5mm audio cable

Sunday morning cycle along the canal to Apperley Bridge Marina

It's that time approaching the summer holidays when I look at the backlog of unread books on my Kindle and ask you all what I should add to the heap. Recommendations, please!

Saturday morning cycle to St Aidan's.
The sunshine miners have gone, leaving only the sunshine

Saturday morning noodling with 2 kinds of learning loop in healthcare and how they are part of a single system

"far too ready, even after investigations that clearly included the express discovery of bugs in code, to ascribe possible user error to the effect of bugs, errors and defects"

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User error bias - “a tendency or bias regularly to blame the user of an IT system for something"

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Never been a football fan, but delighted to make a second visit to Elland Road today

Sunday morning cycle to...

... a motorway service station

which in the current circumstances is quite a novelty

✅ Drove spouse to vaccination
✅ Took stuff to tip
✅ Quick trip to supermarket
✅ Got own first dose of AZ and have a sticker to prove it
🛋️ No plans for rest of day

Arriving at my homeworking desk this morning, I find a discarded facemask and an empty Tunnock's wrapper. Like I've been visited by a crap lockdown Milk Tray man in the night

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