Found a lot of conversations about change at work getting tangled up in mismatched assumptions about what timeframe we're imagining. Made myself a little tool to clarify that at the start of every meeting

There's some new infrastructure for horseless carriages too, apparently. Didn't fancy joining them here

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Not all finished but I can see what it's going to be. Good job, Leeds Council, and all the campaigners who hold the transport planners to account

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Sunday morning cycle to check out the vast new cycle network that is opening to the north and east of Leeds. Lovely to see families using it to ride safely together

My latest home office accessory: a William Morris-inspired door sign to indicate the nature of work within

As a skeptic of accelerationism, I enjoyed this perspective on Victorian anxieties, including the diagnosis of "train heart" and doctors' reaction to the original telemedicine

Agree with everything in this brilliant post. Premature convergence on a platform that isn't has caused waste, delay, and dissatisfaction in every large organisation I've worked for

Just supposing someone wanted to invest in companies that stand out in their sector because they tick Q.22, box b "employ or obtain product or service design skills" in the UK Innovation Survey, where should they look?

✅ Hire professionals
with people who have lived experience
✅ "Good Design Comes Before Effective Science"

Back home after a short visit to family. Can you guess the county?

Today's the day this long weekend has been building up to: the 250th anniversary of Joseph Priestley inventing fizzy drinks and open sourcing his method. Raise a toast with something artificially sparkling!

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Just a few days to go until the 250th anniversary of fizzy drinks. Hope you have something artificially sparkling at the ready to celebrate

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