Discovered 2 English Heritage sites less than an hour's drive from home that we'd unaccountably never visited before - Mount Grace Priory, followed by Aldborough Roman Town, and bonus 14th century church

Arrived in Norwich ahead of 111 visit with digital urgent and emergency care colleagues tomorrow. Looking forward to meeting everyone and seeing the service in action

"It’s often overlooked (and somewhat out of fashion to mention) but craft remains the foundational skill of a designer"

There was a time when Flickr was an exemplar of whimsical, web-savvy copywriting. Now, not so much

Of the many sets of principles that digital public service people have codified over the years, I think these are the most underrated. Going to be leaning on them heavily today

Thank you, @openinnovates for letting me co-work at short notice this morning. Good to be back in the space after all this time

Just noticed the extra-long UK holiday weekend in June coincides with the 250th anniversary of Joseph Priestley inventing fizzy drinks, and immediately giving his method freely to the world

Bank holiday home tourist trip to Castleford, with a walk along the river

I used to keep the Medium app on my phone for fettling sentence clarity and fixing typos after publication. That's not necessary for an "exceptional reading experience", apparently 🤷‍♂️

In Yorkshire we don't hold with passive-aggressive signs, just aggressive ones

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First lighting of the year for the back yard pizza oven, with apologies to gently smoked neighbours

Not ashamed to say I always book a desk by this window so I can look at the diggers

I have grown up children

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