Our brilliant getting a masterclass in hard and soft power from Andrew Greenway, product manager for the original government service standard and manual

Baked bread for breakfast; fixed something that was wrong on the internet. Starting 2020 as I intend to go on

Looking back at family photos from 2009. Phones have changed A LOT since then

Can't quite decide who I admire most in this chain of events. David Lloyd George for making this epic doodle during the 1918 Versailles peace negotiations...

User-centred, agile-experienced, whole system leaders: just imagine what a difference you could make to health and social care in one of these director-level roles. Leeds or London

And a footnote on the origins of "waterfall" in a 1970 paper by Winston Royce
Dr Royce drew the original waterfall to illustrate a set of problems which he proposed to solve by...

Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do! It was a smaller, kinder echo chamber back then

This means specifically-designed activities to involve people, and gauging acceptance on a recurrent basis

Though going back to the source, the wording is a little different: "change management" or "change of management"? publications.parliament.uk/pa/

That thing where Google picks up the cookie consent copy for the search result snippet but it turns out to be OK

People at the table I was on made a point about the language we use. Because words matter!

After a busy week, retreating to the gorgeous Leeds Library to get some writing done on my NHS Leadership Academy element 2 submission

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