I talk a lot about pace layers and why pacing is so important in for health and care. Blog post still stuck in my head, so this picture will have to do for now

Took some photos in 2010 when Majestyk was on Leeds Civic Trust's Heritage at Risk list. Found this chalked on the wall of the derelict building ❤️

5 Rules for Integrating UX with Agile and Scrum - Great list. Would add “0. A dedicated user researcher on every team” link.medium.com/vurt8BaIhV

Team photo of all the user researchers, designers, content people, and graduates who helped today in the assessment centre for our first ever cohort of NHS Digital user-cented design graduates

Started a blog post on the theme "more of needs more more of the time". It's already a katamari of , , designerly iteration, and the NHS Long Term Plan (pic credit phl)

"The path of user needs, avoiding beautiful nonsense, and the shelves of wisdom" - important insight on design systems and service manuals by  my brilliant colleague Ian Roddis link.medium.com/NKaUjal7IU

For the first time in at least a decade, I have a Nokia-branded phone and it’s not let down by a flaky OS

@Edent on the importance of making machine learning code open source, so we can understand its operation and its biases

At the Empower the Person conference a year ago, we asked participants what an NHS service manual might be. Today, Adam, Dean, Ian and Polly presented a redesigned website, a frontend kit, and service manual. Great work, team :)

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