Upgraded to full fibre. Now this happy cheese plant is enjoying average 300Mbps down, 150 up

First day in an office since March 16, covid-19 secure with a bonus view of Trinity spire

Google Photos offered to "fix the lighting" on this one, but I prefer the Yorkshire Sculpture Park with

Two great presentations on today's show and tell:
* User research of messaging in the NHS App
* Using GDS accessibility personas to test admin interfaces for cervical screening

Editing a doc this afternoon. FFS, I thought, a cheese fiend has been at my keyboard. Rogue carriage return was the culprit

In lieu of weeknotes, some stickers in covid-19 dark mode and emergency banner yellow, inspired by my brilliant colleagues and the NHS Constitution

poster installed. Now whenever I'm on a Teams call, I'll be reminded that
ƨdɿǝv ǝɿɒ ƨǝɔivɿǝƨ booӘ
ƨnυon ǝɿɒ ƨǝɔivɿǝƨ bɒꓭ

50+ colleagues joined our show and tell this morning as Dean showed the new Isolation Note service. So proud of our teams for keeping up their user-centred, agile ways of working under immense public expectations and pace of delivery

This week of remotely peeking into my colleagues' homes, with fleeting glimpses of young family members, put me in mind of a classic line from the Cluetrain Manifesto. Let's never go back to Fort Business

Down to our last Tunnock.
There are five of us confined to this house, and I've only had one teacake...

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