And a footnote on the origins of "waterfall" in a 1970 paper by Winston Royce
Dr Royce drew the original waterfall to illustrate a set of problems which he proposed to solve by...

Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do! It was a smaller, kinder echo chamber back then

This means specifically-designed activities to involve people, and gauging acceptance on a recurrent basis

Though going back to the source, the wording is a little different: "change management" or "change of management"?

That thing where Google picks up the cookie consent copy for the search result snippet but it turns out to be OK

People at the table I was on made a point about the language we use. Because words matter!

After a busy week, retreating to the gorgeous Leeds Library to get some writing done on my NHS Leadership Academy element 2 submission

Got my rainbow lanyard thanks to our brilliant NHS Digital LGBT and Allies staff network. Pledging to be a more visible ally myself.

Privileged to show NHS Digital board members some of the kit going into our new accessibility lab, all briliiantly demonstrated by Becca, Leigh and Sarah

NHS.UK show and tell: Sarah and Dean introducing the work their team is doing to rethink the 12-year-old information architecture of the UK's most visited health website

Jyoti on how NHS Blood and Transplant is using GOV UK Notify to send text message reminders for blood donation appointments. A great platform that many other organisations could use

And now the brilliant Tom Forth from tells how he used the city's open data to meet the user needs of people looking for social housing

The one where all my worlds converge. Who'd've thought I'd be here watching Eve and Lisa kicking off a massive GDS event

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