hiring klaxon: come and help me and my colleagues at NHS Digital to make things open. We know it makes things better.


@mattedgar I don’t really understand the role. Is it to participate in existing open source projects, but with your salary paid by NHS? Or to help release NHS code under open source licences? Or to develop open source communities around frameworks and tools spun out from NHS? Or all of those things?

@frankieroberto Some or all of those. We know there are lots of good things going on already, and that we need to make open source participation central to how our teams work across the board. But it'll be a new team with the scope to work out the best ways to go about it

@frankieroberto These are senior roles and come with a high degree of freedom to act, in line with the expertise that they bring

@mattedgar vague but exciting! 😉

I like the distinction between “coding in the open” and “open source”.

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