Thought I’d give this place another go. I’ve unfollowed everyone who’s just republishing here from Twitter (sorry - but that’s super annoying).

Hope everyone is surviving lockdown okay. 😔

My day wrangling the kids today. Decided we are going to do making things all day. Flat is a mess already, but our cardboard box fish tank is starting to come together. 🐠 📦

Dull meta-toot: I wish there was less cross-posting to Twitter here. And the convention is frustrating (looks ugly, doesn’t display as a clickable link).

It’s only Tuesday but the planning ahead for the bank holiday weekend has begun. Need a lot of activities to fill four days with the toddler...

I know they’re using dirty old Diesel engines, but the old HST trains used by LNER are great. Loads of leg room, big windows, far less claustrophobic than the pendolinos and voyagers of the West Coast line.

Good trip to Leeds today to talk to some NHS Digital folk. Thanks @mattedgar for the invite. Was reminded again just how complicated healthcare is. But excited to see things changing.

I wish my dishwasher had a smartphone interface. Not so I can turn it on remotely, but just so I don’t have to debug it by looking up cryptic error codes based upon different combinations of the indicator lights…

So glad I can look this up though. Who knew the dishwashers had a ‘test mode’…!

Found a way to really brighten up my home, by replacing all of the non-working lightbulbs...

Now to figure out how to recycle the old ones...

Today I did an audit of our Clip-Lock tupperware. 90% of which were missing a matching lid or box.

Why aren’t these standardised eh? C’mon ISO, get with it.

Well this is exciting:

An underwater photo of the wreck of Endurance would be amazing to see. Good luck to the expedition!

Hoping none of my Flickr photos will get deleted, as they're all Creative Commons licensed, I think.

7.5 hour train journey, but at least it’s on an old Intercity HST train. Couldn’t face this long on a Pendalino.

It’s weird how every now-and-then you’ll stumble across a guardian article and only halfway though reading it realise that it was written for their Australian audience.

Sad to see CityMapper become less about public transport and more about private transport. ☹️

My broadband isn’t working, but I’m not enough of a geek to understand all of the complex diagnostic tools my ISP offers. So instead it’s an email to their support team, after first trying turning it off and on again...

Being a theatre journalist this afternoon, interviewing the director of a local children’s production.

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