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I’m after a simple thing to monitor uptime, disk space, temp, cpu, etc on the various raspberry pis scattered around my house. Any recommendations?

If you, your project or your team depends on an open source project, don’t hesitate to mail its creators and tell them that you do!

You have no idea how useful such endorsements are when maintainers want to justify their time commitments!

Also, as a maintainer you're used to hearing your project being criticized all the time, because people usually only take the time to mail you when they're facing a problem they can't solve.

Sometimes, just sometimes, someone will send you a short, sweet mail saying "Hey, I'm using this and it's great. Thank you for making this!".

Be that kind of positivity in life! ❤️

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Is there any research yet that shows the impact of the 2020 pandemic on weather because of changes in human activity? Because it's GODDAMN HOT OUT THERE.

I mention this because after 9/11 there was an inconclusive theory that a warm spell was caused by lack of contrails:

In an *extremely* rare parenting win, I have engineered a Ferris wheel for Hatchimals out of a Lego mindstorms set.

If you like playing around with robots, I *highly* recommend Smartibot, and now it expands to Smartipresence, a cardboard telepresence robot

Pleased to announce that is now part of the Open Collective UK family! It costs around £360 a year to run the server, so if you can, please set up a small regular donation at to keep us going!

If anyone who sees this has a Skywatcher telescope on an EQ2 mount, can you ping me a DM? I need a replacement knob to hold the mount still on the tripod but I can't find what it should look like.

Up on top of Bignor Hill waiting for enough darkness to spot the NEOWISE comet...

We need a collaborative project to stock up giphy with stuff from the 80s and 90s (and earlier), because I can never find the thing I want. Also, someone get these kids off my lawn.

Any Rand institute gets government loan:

In other news, the concept of Irony has been retired through overuse. It will move into a retirement home along with Satire, who found it increasingly hard to keep up with the actual real world.

Seriously wondering how I could turn into a piece of evolving art that I could hang on the wall. It's just gorgeous.

“You’re not alone” is the “thoughts and prayers” of mental health.

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