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ukpol, JoCox 

Boris keeps goading the opposition into an election, but again it’s just a scam to dissolve Parliament before the Brexit deadline. I hope they don’t fall for it. There’s no time, and if Boris wants a mandate for a no deal Brexit, then force him to ask that actual question in a referendum.

WTB a gif of Boris being fired into the sea by a trebuchet.

I wrote an email appealing to my MP Jeremy Quin's principles. I don't expect much of a response.

I don’t think Boris should resign.

I think he should be FIRED and ideally arrested.

The UK constitution is shredded and the existing political class is in a total shambles.

Blank slate time. Top priorities:

1: Revoke Article 50; we can't make this magnitude of change in our current state.
2: End FPTP, bring in multi-member STV to truly reflect the wishes of the people.
3: Convene a citizen's convention to create a written constitution so the rules are CLEAR, and simple enough for even Boris to understand.

But as it's Boris, I think the proper response is to call it a "harmless gaffe" and carry on. Ho ho, daft, ain't he. What a card.

Welcome to the UK, where our new Prime Minister lied to the Queen and unlawfully shut down Parliament so they wouldn't stop him and his mates making money shorting the country.

Been thinking I would like to share my tech/crypto/policy experience and skills with climate focused groups, like a 'yell if you want advice' thing.

So, yell if you want advice? Happy to chat via DMs, Signal, XMPP, email, etc. Responses may be choppy.

#earthsupport :

folks - if I want to unify on Matrix, connecting to IRC, various slacks, discord, and gitter (and whatsapp in my dreams), am i going to need to run my own homeserver? I don’t really know where to start; I don’t much want to dive deep into the rabbit hole, I just want to solve my problem of too many chat apps.

I may be an old man, but the new Pixies album is bloody great.

Kicked out of McDonalds for singing "sell me fries, sell me cheap little fries, sell me sell me fries" at the counter again.

When you unlock your screen and remember the daft thing you were doing just before that last meeting:

I have just searched the web for “duck factory picture”. Interesting start to the day.

Booking in my holiday dates for EMF2020. Can't start planning too early.

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