So happy to finally take the plunge and . Good riddance to a scourge of the web.

Forgot I had an Instagram account, as I never used it, but might as well bin it so away it goes.

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Now, WhatsApp, that's the big problem. That I would actually miss out on stuff. Not *much*, but a few important things. How I wish that as an Internet we'd stuck with federated messaging and XMPP.

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Can I bring myself to bin Twitter too? It's broadcast-only anyway really, everything goes on first, but this feels like a much bigger step. It was an important place for me for a long time...

@floppy I've turned off crossposting from here since purdah. What about one final tweet and leaving (but not deleting)?

@ndajz yeah, maybe that’s a good idea - at least for a trial period.

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