So happy to finally take the plunge and . Good riddance to a scourge of the web.

Forgot I had an Instagram account, as I never used it, but might as well bin it so away it goes.

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Now, WhatsApp, that's the big problem. That I would actually miss out on stuff. Not *much*, but a few important things. How I wish that as an Internet we'd stuck with federated messaging and XMPP.

Can I bring myself to bin Twitter too? It's broadcast-only anyway really, everything goes on first, but this feels like a much bigger step. It was an important place for me for a long time...

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@floppy I've turned off crossposting from here since purdah. What about one final tweet and leaving (but not deleting)?

@ndajz yeah, maybe that’s a good idea - at least for a trial period.

@Floppy If its about online habits, I totally get this - but if it's about data privacy, aren't WhatsApp and Facebook essentially the same thing?

@ej it's both, and yeah, I definitely see WhatsApp as a privacy concern. I really want to bin it, but I didn't really lose anything of value by getting rid of the others. WhatsApp will be harder.

@ej my current plan is to try to run a matrix homeserver to sandbox whatsapp away from everything else I do, so at least it's restricted to only what I voluntarily put through it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@Floppy Cool plan! (Seems to be going well so far, too, ased on subsequent toots?)

Bit tempted to do the same myself - not a WhatsApp user, but it does make social life a bit difficult when everybody else is..

D'you think Zuck would still be getting useful metadata of some sort from the WhatsApp account?

@ej yeah, it could never be a clean break, but at least it might be sandboxed away somewhere...

@Floppy I dunno, though? (Here be dragons: iffy reasoning ahead!) Zuck won't be getting location information or device metadata, and presumably message content is e2e encrypted? If so maybe that just leaves message timings and contacts metadata? If so (2), maybe that stuff would be easier to aggregate in WhatsApp clients than pull from server logs*? If so (3), maybe your data would pass him by?

* Cause it'd be offloading as much processing load and bandwidth usage as possible onto the users

@ej yeah, sandboxing it would definitely reduce the data leakage.

@Floppy This I can understand. Getting some of the vibes back by going #IndieWeb and retreating from the huge silos (some died before I had the chance, like G+).

Oddly enough even my Jabber account still exists and Pidgin logged me in to it by reading a config file from 2009 just fine 🤓

WhatsApp was deleted the moment it became FB. No remorse here.

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