Part of our work at Endless OS is around the usability of the GNOME desktop, guided by user testing. We're looking for test subjects for a 1-hour session, who are tech-savvy experts—e.g designers/developers, animators/…—with exposure to various devices & platforms. Bonus points if you're based near someone in the team—e.g. London—so we can put a laptop in front of you. Ping me here or to if you're interested!

(If you have worked on the design and/or implementation of the GNOME desktop, you're probably too close to the problem space—sorry!)

@wjt Is accessibility testing within scope? I'm pretty sure @weirdwriter wrote about wanting to do such testing for FOSS projects.

Either way, I'd also be down to do some testing.

@avalos I can probably guess and I doubt we will reach agreement as a result, but, what are you referring to here?

@wjt EndlessOS is the typical “closed source BUT with open source components” development model, because, according to you, Endless people, “wE cAn'T maKe it aLL oPeN sOuRce.”

@theruran @csepp @wjt @weirdwriter What's your point? The redistribution policy clearly states that you have usage restrictions, and also says that not all of EndlessOS is free software, only “almost all” components, but not all.

@avalos @csepp @wjt @weirdwriter my point is: I wonder what they hope to achieve by restricting use of their software. It is surprising (to me) to see such a policy. I don't trust software projects that don't clearly provide the source files so I can build it myself.

@wjt Super interesting. Protecting the brand and the non-profit need to discourage commerical use makes sense. Are there software components in Endless which are not open source such that I couldn't (with some work) make an image that is the exact same but branded TrevorOS or whatever?


1. The nvidia proprietary driver – you could just leave it out
2. Part of the module that implements – again you would just leave it out, and one day I hope to have the resources to replace it with a open-source replacement
3. The thing that actually turns a load of debs into an ostree commit – we plan to open-source this but haven't had time. But it doesn't form part of the resulting OS

That's it, off the top of my head.

@wjt That seems pretty reasonable, to me anyway. Thanks for helping me understand.


For the rent to own plan, what’s the expected final cost over retail?


@wjt Enforcing a trademark is one thing, but there is no indication here that EndlessOS source code is even available. I see no link to your GitHub, whereas even shy Open Core businesses at least put the GitHub icon in the footer of the webpage.

"Free download" and "Redistribution policy" says to me that this is freeware.

@avalos @csepp @weirdwriter

@theruran @avalos @csepp is linked in the footer of each page and links to the source

@theruran @avalos @csepp you're right that it could be more prominent – thanks for the feedback!

@wjt I am doing the user testing for you right now and I am telling you that I didn't even notice "Developers" because it is under "Misc(ellaneous)" next to "Privacy Policy" and the actual link to GitHub is buried in the last paragraph of the page.

@avalos @csepp @weirdwriter

@avalos @wjt I don't particularly care about EndlessOS, I'm in it for the Gnome part.

stating the obvious 

@wjt people can't figure out how to turn on wifi. all the things that are exposed if you click on the top-right, need to be visible and exposed as they are on every other desktop environment.

stating the obvious 

@cassidyjames @wjt all these years, and finally we have the knowledge and technology to make it happen 🤩


@sophie Yes, there will be a token of appreciation for participants' time.

@wjt Is there a chance of testing basic accessibility of the desktop? AFAIK no one is doing that.

@wjt anyone on your team is near Birmingham area?

@wjt Is accessibility and or usability testing included in this?

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