Brushing up on the full extent of my German language knowledge:

„Ich kann nur von Bahnhöfen und hungrigen Raupen sprechen.“

TFW your work calendar for the day ends at 1am local time 😪

Just found my old SUSE geeko, a few weeks too late to wish @danigm farewell from Endless. Godspeed!

I still haven't forgiven Google for making all Android icons the same shape. I routinely open Pocket Casts rather than Citymapper because they're both primary-colour circles with an abstract white symbol within.

Finally, I have hardware powerful enough to play Goat Simulator. I thought my toddler might enjoy watching but she was distinctly unimpressed

If you'd told me 30 years ago that in 2022 I would be playing yet another Monkey Island sequel on a general-purpose handheld computer costing ~£200 in inflation-adjusted terms, I would have said "what is inflation?" because I would have been 6.

My Steam Deck arrived, a day too late to play on Queen's Funeral Day because there were no deliveries on Queen's Funeral Day.

First impression: it's MASSIVE.

I also have a kid who sings tuneFULLY and I'd like to believe I'm like her but who am I kidding

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The thing about having a kid who constantly, tunelessly sings to herself is, now I know what it's like to live with me...

What's the threshold between “second breakfast” and “first lunch”? 11am?

TFW you feel like you never have time or energy to do things for yourself so your partner takes the kids out for the morning to give you some space, and then you realise you've accidentally spent 15 minutes reading people fighting on MetaFilter.

I wanted a black-and-white map of our local area that my daughter could trace over for a school project. Inkatlas was straightforward to use, generated a decent A4 map to print, and is gratis up to more pages than I needed.

(Plus, it's nice to see my meager OSM contributions in print.)

20USD gets you Situation Normal and twelve other DRM-free novels of science fictional rulebreakers, in the SFWA's Renegades of Tomorrow bundle:

Nothing like Amazon (incorrectly) detecting that my account has been compromised, forcing a password reset and re-logins everywhere, to make me realise how surprisingly many places I have Amazon stuff…

TFW everyone else at the golden wedding anniversary party claps on 1 and 3 and you fail to shift it to 2 and 4

Fascist memorabilia 

Days between arriving in Germany and finding a swastika pin on the floor: 5 🙁

It's now in the bin!

Yesterday I installed VirtualBox on my (non-Silverblue) Fedora laptop. Today I noticed it is now missing minor things like "the WiFi driver" 🤷‍♂️

A guy at the blood donation centre was wearing a Diesel Sweeties t-shirt I recognised from the '00s, but looked at me blankly when I mentioned it. Some time later his partner appeared and confirmed my theory. He'd been wearing it for 15 years!

Not sure why I am surprised that 100% of the above-the-fold results when I search for "Fairphone" on the Amazon app on a Pixel phone are ads for the Pixel 6a. 🤷‍♂️

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