It's my 5-year-old's bedtime so naturally I have just introduced her to the elements of the Fibonacci sequence which are also prime…

Really really enjoying the flood of potato-related posts on MetaFilter.

I was not entirely surprised to learn that @brainwane is involved!

Funny to see QR codes gain popularity at the expense of hypertext

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Someone has shared a school-related PDF on our WhatsApp parents group. It contains a QR code to scan to get a URL, but no clickable link or legible URL. So I guess I need to scan my phone screen on my laptop?? Today's the solstice, so it's a good day to check in with yourself, and end the commitments you need to end – maybe by taking a break, or by rotating it on to someone else, or by sunsetting a project.

We are sad to inform our community that Marina Zhurakhinskaya died on Saturday. Outreachy wouldn't exist without her dedication, which continued until her last day.

I must ask you to
please remove the libel tag
from my article

Last night, in The Year of Our Lord 2022, I created a new Sourceforge account.

They have pull requests now!!

I recently worked out, after decades of crippling headaches at what seemed like arbitrary times, that the headaches are triggered by chocolate, particularly dark chocolate. But old habits are hard to break...

I took my toddler out for a babyccino and the type of pastry known in Québec as a chocolatine (her favourite), and ate a quarter of it myself when she didn't finish it.

After a few hours, it had really put the “pain” into « pain au chocolat ».

My 25-minute talk "Cadence shear: Managing rhythm and tempo mismatches in participation" in #opensource projects is in 1 day: 2:30-3pm EDT on Tuesday, June 7th.

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Some other good ones with some historical heft behind them:

“to take two pigeons with one bean”

“to make two friends with one gift”

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Today the question arose: is there a vegan alternative to the idiom “kill two birds with one stone”?

Wiktionary delivers:

“feed two birds with one scone”

My father-in-law said that my eldest watched a very long episode of Thomas the Tank Engine about (his words) "a bisexual train". I've spent longer than I ever planned to on the Thomas & Friends wiki and I can't find any reference to LGBT themes in the show...

I really loved Catrin Finch and Seckou Keita's first harp/kora collaboration, Clychau Dibon. Apparently I missed their second album, Soar, and their third, Echo, came out a few days ago.

I'm sure they used to be on Bandcamp, but no more.

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