How disappointed would I be with the Fairphone camera(s), coming from a Pixel 3 which I mainly use to take photos of my kids?

I found this old Ask Metafilter comment from 2007. While the thread does not quite match my situation, the Ask Culture/Guess Culture model seems spot on. (I am Guess Culture.)

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This subtitle has been one of the highlights of the final Derry Girls so far

On the bus home the other day with my phone in the single-digit battery zone, I noticed that the bus had USB charging ports! Sadly I am Smug USB C Guy so didn't have an A-to-C cable in my bag...

Was the slice of toast I just ate at 10:55am: 📊

People say the gateway drug effect is “without conclusive evidence”, but to them I say: witness my rapid progression to higher orders of 2ⁿ-rdle (Wordle, Dordle, Quordle, Octordle, and now Sedecordle).

It was remarkably hard to fully answer some of my eldest's questions, such as:

- why is that man wearing a yellow raincoat with no shirt or jumper underneath?
- why are they standing on top of a lake?
- why is he lying down while he plays the guitar?
- how can they see where they are going when they are dressed as wolves and bananas?

It's come to my attention that there is a bouldering centre in Rome called Monkey Island, so now I need to learn to climb and speak Italian, then relocate

Gboard for Android knows about the 🦷 emoji, but I can't find any search terms that match it 🤔

Erstwhile Endlesser Geri Vahey drumming with The Seagulls, all the way from SF to Soho!

What I'm listening to today: "Mutable Instruments Rings triggered by drums"

This is a drum solo with a physical trigger on the bass drum so every time the bass drum hits it advances a sequence on a modular synthesizer. In other words the drummer controls the entire piece, the synth conforms its tempo to the drumming and when the drummer starts switching the rhythm up the music adjusts to it in a really natural way. Technically interesting, but also an incredible mood!

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Just discovered that a dadquaintance is launching a pop-up Mexican restaurant/cocktail bar, and feeling pretty uncool as a result.

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