It's Wednesday, & I spent most of it in Central Baptist Hospital ER.
This morning I spoke to Humana's virtual Doctor about my headaches. He wrote me off work for 7 days, telling me to go an ER.
Lots of tests ran, including blood & EKG. Nothing conclusive.
MRI is on Wednesday.


@SolusSpider Praying for you, my friend. This has been going on for a while now, I hope answers are coming.

@thelovebug Will have been 2 months on the 19th.
At least I am off work until next Wednesday, so get a proper chance to relax.

@thelovebug Sir??? You think I am a Lord or Royalty?
Yeah, had my MRI this morning, then went to work for 4 hours. Still on limited time until I see Neurology again on May 4th.

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