I'm entering the deep, dark world of . I've bought a portable device ( UV-5RTP), the Foundation License Manual, joined the (), joining my local , and monitoring local frequencies for chatter. All I need is for my local Society to open their doors again, and I can take the Foundation course and book my exam.

@thelovebug Welcome. Whole new worlds of stuff to understand and do await -- or put another way - rabbitholes, like antennas and transmission lines πŸ˜€. The EssexHam introductory videos are a great overview of the many facets of the hobby.

Thanks, @gmoretti! 😁. I already have the basics through electronics and my previous experience with CB radio in 70s thru 90s. This is a nice challenging progression into the more serious side of amateur radio, rather than just picking up a microphone and speaking.

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