Alright, I wrote a blogpost about my #floppycast adventures:

This doesn't have much new compared to my posts from this weekend, but here they are ordered and coherent.

I also posted some audio samples:

Keep in mind that both samples will sound pretty much horrific, but also that each sample is around 100kb for more than a minute of audio.

I prefer the Opus file to the mp3 file, as it's a little less muddy during speech (but ruins music.)


Just read your blog post on - it sounds like a really interesting project. Personally I prefer the idea of a shorter with better audio quality.

I've been podcasting for over 11 years now, and I keep threatening to do a talk - so I might see if I can combine it with this concept to keep the length down.

@thelovebug I definitely looked in to that as an option as well.

Combined with some of the other techniques one would normally use to decrease size without ruining quality, it's possible to get decent sounding audio of up to 10 minutes in length on a floppy disk.

When I first looked in to this, my plan was to scrip five minutes, record, and then encode to fit. That way you encourage concision without feeling trapped by two minutes of available recording time.

But I talk a lot.

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