Can't believe that I've only just discovered Luther. Series 5 starts two weeks today, so @moosical and I are currently 2 episodes into a 16 episode blitz over the next few days to catch up before the new series. Next up S1E3 and S1E4 before bedtime. 2/16

@thelovebug It’s a great series. Now I’m unsure if I saw the two season 4 episodes in 2016 or missed it. Hmhm. I read it will be still continued. Must investigate.

@morph @thelovebug I use Droidshows for that, otherwise i lose track of what I have seen. it's on Fdroid

Downloaded DroidShows on the ol' digital device, and I quite like it. My only beef is that the episode releases are US dates, but I can probably live with that.

@thelovebug I did not realize, I use it just to keep track of episodes seen/unseen, sometimes I watch 2 or 3 and maybe it's a week or more till next time I sit down to watch anything @morph

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