@paul Minor detail really, it's not like there's any privacy implications to microphone-wielding, closed source, connected devices, right?

while Nest also makes smoke alarms, I believe this specifically concerns their Nest Guard alarm system instead?

A redundancy mechanism to detect the sound of people coughing from the smoke and thus increasing the reliability of the whole system.


And like always, Google will learn -tremendous amount of valuable behavioural data- from their "mistakes"!

#FuckOffGoogle #SurveillanceCapitalism

@paul jesus fuckin christ why doesn't this stuff put people in jail

@paul I know it's probably standard practice on news sites like Business Insider, but I always find it a little strange when such an article -- reporting on a critical mistake -- closes with "Check [company] stock prices here."

@paul Okay, so where's the class action lawsuit to pay out to all the customers who got defrauded?

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