Finished prepping my talk on China's Social Credit System (thanks for the great links).

I was most surprised by the official Planning Outline [translated]: chinacopyrightandmedia.wordpre

1/2 of the focus is on government itself (typically I read only about area #3):

1. integrity in government affairs
2. commercial integrity
3. societal integrity
4. judicial credibility


Some select highlights:

"Sincerity in government affairs is the crux of social credit system construction..."

"[to] perfect mechanisms and procedures for government policymaking, raise the transparency of policymaking"

"...broaden channels for public participation in government policymaking, strengthen social supervision over and constraints on the use of power, improve government credibility, establish an honest image of an open, fair and clean government."

(it isn't how I expected)

Civil servants aren't off the hook:

"...enter civil servants’ personal credit information concerning reports on events, records of sincerity and cleanliness in government affairs, the results of annual evaluations, acts violating laws, disciplines and contract into their files"

Nor are companies:

"Perfect credit cooperation models between retailers and suppliers. Strengthen anti-monopoly and anti-unfair competition law enforcement, strengthen investigation and prosecution of acts of market distortion, false propaganda, commercial swindling, commercial slander, commercial bribes and other such unlawful acts, expose model cases and major cases increase the costs for enterprises to break trust, and stimulate sincere business and fair competition"

@paul will you share the recording or write it up afterwards?

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