Slightly sad but mostly relieved to be shutting down my PGP keyserver monitoring service.

It wasn't working well and it was difficult and stressful to maintain.

Planning how to close it respectfully and delete people's data has felt good. Getting some nice email replies :D

@paul I remember reading a reddit thread "Is my key compromised? Some guy contacted me and sent instructions how to change expiry" 😆 (I can't find it now though 😕 )

Sad to see your service go but I hope the new keyserver ( will incorporate expiry notifications (just like Let's Encrypt does).

👋 Farewell, expiry bot...

@paul Ah, now I read that it's Monitor that's shutting down, not Expirybot, excellent!

I can keep recommending it to people that forget to renew (even here on Mastodon there are threads like this every couple of weeks).

👏 Thank you, expiry bot...

@wiktor The brand confusion is entirely my fault! I should never have release Monitor under the same domain / name as Expirybot!

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