So many services don't support changing your username. This sucks if you use your full name as a username, then happen to change it... which isn't exactly uncommon.

I've got a sneaky suspicion if dev teams had better gender balance this wouldn't be the case :\


Yup. I automatically spec things so that users are assigned random unique primary keys. On occasion I have allowed multiple (globally unique) usernames per user.

I used to do sequential user ID assignment, but changed to random to reduce information leakage.

@paul Some services don't let you change username, some don't let you delete your account: 😕

I even know a service that doesn't even let you change your email address. Need to change? Create a new account.

@caius Meh. I'd probably hit 'em with a GDPR request to delete the old one, explaining why. That might help prioritise changing email as a feature :)

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