One of the biggest frustrations of moving to Linux (I'm using Pop_OS) is finding a good email client.

Geary is just buggy, and Thunderbird feels quite cumbersome (and unlike Firefox hasn't evolved design wise since the 2000s).

What Linux email clients are other people using?

(webmail isn't an option, as I have too many email accounts and I want them all in one place)

@mdales I use kmail but can't really recommend effort to change to it. Far too heavy (now) for my machine, never really delivered the integrated (calendar, tasks, etc.) experience I went to it for. Needs a radical simplification of the options, menu items and setup; I don't think that will happen. I think the people working on it are focusing on Kube ( for that and keeping KMail in maintenance mode

@mdales I have been using evolution for years. Supports PGP also.

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