When you use 111 online or over the phone, the Directory of Services helps route you to the right care, any time of day or night, anywhere in England. Could you be its new service owner? jobs.nhs.uk/xi/vacancy/9172487

This important new role will span our digital and operations teams in NHS England, and work closely with the delivery team in NHS Digital, to make sure the Directory meets the needs of its users, with a consistent service, giving value for public money

This is the first time we have hired for the service owner role, based on the digital, data, and technology capability framework, so there's lots of opportunity to make this job your own

Like all NHS job descriptions, this one's a bit wordy (sorry about that), but if I had to pick a few key skills that we're looking for I'd say...


We're seeking someone...
experienced in meeting user needs across a variety of channels...
who can apply experience of multiple parts of the digital product life cycle...
and develop a long-term vision and objectives for a service

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I'd be pleased to have an informal chat about the role if you're tempted to apply but would like to know more

When applying, please speak to us about how we might be able to accommodate a flexible working arrangement. If it works for the service, we will do our best to make it work for you

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