Just noticed the extra-long UK holiday weekend in June coincides with the 250th anniversary of Joseph Priestley inventing fizzy drinks, and immediately giving his method freely to the world

@mattedgar I definitely shall, as it turns out I’m exactly 200 years younger than pop.

@mattedgar now there is a good reason for the long weekend!

@mattedgar As you are now official organiser of the national burp, I'm sure nothing can go wrong.
(This document now confuses me more how the old 's' character was used; it never seems to be used in capital, and only sometimes in lower case, I'd thought it was all 's's)

@penguin42 The long s was never used at the end of a word, e.g. in the Priestley text "proceſs". You can then see how ſs gets elided into ß as the German eszett

@mattedgar Ah OK, so not capital, and not end of word. The comparison with German ß is interesting since I think they also only officially put in a capital form about 5 years ago.

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