7 years ago today I published a short, opinionated blog post titled "The Last Target Operating Model You’ll Ever Need™"
Still seems relevant to reprise the key points

If people are using “agile” to mean doing the same process only faster, even at the risk of burning out their people, then they’re Doing It Wrong

Agile organisations succeed through sensing, not planning

They are in touch with their actual customer experience

Agile organisations truly understand their operating model (clue: it won’t look like a flow chart)

Agile organisations have the capacity to make very frequent adaptations in response to their ever-growing understanding of customer needs


All of this poses problems to an organisation addicted to discontinuous change

Break down the Berlin Wall between strategy and operations

The product development may not be capitalised

7 years since I wrote it I still believe this is the only sane way to run an organisation

Learning by doing: it’s the Last Target Operating Model You’ll Ever Need™


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