Been writing my personal blog on since 2006. This blocks editor thing makes me worry that WP has gone the way of Ballmer-era Microsoft, focusing on developers, developers, developers, at the expense of users, users, users

I can see from comments on social media that opinions are mixed. The people who love the blocks editor are the ones who tinker with the engineering of it. The people who hate the blocks editor are the ones who, erm, write and edit blogs

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The post authoring UI is labyrinyhine, and I've struggled to explain where to find various things; shuffling blocks is still pretty finicky, and there are some missed spots usability-wise.

Development-wise I do see it as a potentially-good solution to the need for modular content (and a response to heavy handed page builder plugins).

So, I guess I agree with the diagnosis with the caveat that it's still pretty cumbersome to devs as well.

@mattedgar I haven't followed along closely, but hopefully we'll see improvements on the authoring side given more priority than DX

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