Getting out of the building to observe user research with the NHS website redesign team this morning. Have you had your ?

As well as the researcher conducting the interview, behind the mirror we have designers, developers, a product manager and a delivery manager. User research is a team sport

And besides the detailed learning about our prototype, I heard in their own words the impact when we make less confident users feel awesome

Don’t tell me you’re too busy. If you’re a leader who doesn’t have regular contact with users, 2 hours of primary user research every 6 weeks is the best possible use of your time

Bonus story from today: a 40-year-old with digital access needs, with the same GP since birth, is thinking of changing doctor to a practice whose online service is better

@mattedgar interesting - is that 2 hours of observing user research every six weeks, for all the devs?

@Floppy In the observation room today: 3 designers, 1 user researcher, and 2 software engineering apprentices. User research is a team sport

@mattedgar thanks! I’m gonna start doing this on a regular team rota!

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