Our route for the two-day trip along the Welsh coast from Chester to Bangor, with an overnight stop at Dyserth. 78 miles (125.4km) in total.

Explore it in full over at umap.openstreetmap.fr/en/map/p

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Had an excellent time at the festival yesterday and the only rain was from this cloud hanging from @arthrowl stall. Managed to bag this ace plant-pot, moulded on site at the festival using 's injection-moulder, from freshly shredded old milk bottles

Got the first chance to try out my Sensepeek hands-free probes today. Super nice to use.

(photo staged with an board as I can't share photos of the client PCB I was actually using them with 😃)

The ride along the North Wales coast was superb. This was a secluded beach down a blink-and-you'll-miss-it gap off the cycle route (and about 20m from the A55 dual-carriageway, but totally hidden and totally quiet)

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Pictured: 24hr milk bar serving ace milkshakes and fresh milk in the middle of the Welsh countryside

Not pictured: the 1860 feet of climbs up killer Welsh hills to get to it

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Spent an excellent afternoon chatting with a bunch of interesting folk about , jobs, fuel cells and how that might weave into helping . The venue wasn't the library, but the first iron-framed church which is opposite

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Next Tuesday I'll be discussing and related topics to explore how they might help the community . We'll be taking a few bits and pieces along for some show-and-tell too


The new wind/solar charger PCBs have arrived at . Looking forward to trying these out (once all the components turn up)

@methoddan @Mindracer Not the best game, but an excellent result.

Then a ride back round the coast and through the tunnel home.

Riding alongside the bay at dusk was just sublime.

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A perfect day. Started by catching up with mates at 's , then an early dart for a train over the water to this view and a ride round the coast to West Kirby to watch the match with @methoddan @Mindracer and Mike Mc

Didn't have my GoPro, so you'll have to make do with a couple of photos from last night's @PelotonLiv
, including one of "King of the hill" John 👑

Lovely afternoon for a ride, marred only by the lack of ice cream van on the top of Everton Brow at the end 😂

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