Redesigning our living room. Building a scale model out of Lego to try things out is perfectly normal, right?

@Floppy imagine a room made of large blocks that you could reorganise at whim.

Excellent! I like your style. Not normal, but, who wants to be normal?


@Floppy that seems like a better idea than trying to learn blender when I can’t be arsed. Like I am trying to do heh.

@Floppy @fitheach i wish i had my lego from back in the days... i can remember those flowers ;)

@Floppy I once created a blueprint of a flat that I was moving into and then made pieces of paper to represent the furniture. I had to play Tetris with it to fit it all in and it all needed assembling in the correct order so we could squeeze it in the room. So, maybe you're not being normal, but you're definitely not being stupid either!

@Floppy What a weird way to do it. Normal people use microelectronics CAD tools!

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