Wish they had YouTube when I first encounters VI back in the 90s, all we got was a A4 cheat sheet of the keys.

Vim As Your Editor (1/6): The Basic Vim Movements youtu.be/H3o4l4GVLW0 via @YouTube@twitter.com @ThePrimeagen@twitter.com

Who would have thought plain text was so complex?
Dylan Beattie - Plain Text - NDC Copenhagen 2022 youtu.be/gd5uJ7Nlvvo via @YouTube@twitter.com

Learn C on Linux zpr.io/44FQ9yX9Brdm Came across this article of ways to Learn C on Linux which took me back to my 3rd real programming job.

It was with a software house mainly working with C/C++ on Linux/ Unix and embedded systems.

My first real experience use C/C++ in a p

Quick Tip : Installing Ruby 2.7 and Node 12 on RH8 zpr.io/4vPVVsWJ93RJ Installing Ruby and Node on Redhat 8 Quick tip on how to install Ruby 2.7 and Nodejs 12 on Redhat 8, as it can default to older versions.

# Enable new versions dnf -y module reset ruby nodejs dnf -y modul

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