The UK electric car charging network so complex and fragmented, its crazy as this video explains via @evmanuk

Definitely would put me off.

RIP Paul Allen. Your deal with IBM for MS-DOS was perhaps the greatest business deal of all time. I hope to get to see your Computer Museum soon!

Building tiny container images via @opensourceway by @ChrisInDurham

Well, that was easy 😀 Here's the GPD Pocket 2 running Ubuntu MATE 18.10. Only a few tweaks are required to rotate the monitor and touchscreen, everything else works just fine. I've created a simple script to apply the required configuration, grab it …

Tim Berners-Lee building a decentralized internet, Mojang opening Minecraft game code, and more news

Looks cool

Star Wars X-Wing - PC CLASSIC Getting Rebuilt By Fans!!! via @YoutubeKids

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