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Alastair :penguin: @[email protected]

Can't wait until Thursday to get my back looked at, muscle pull just isn't getting any better (

Luke Richardson Lives Up to the Hype, Sets 370kg Junior Deadlift World Record via @barbendnews

The Mastodon bridge tool has got a facelift!

You can sign in with Twitter and Mastodon to find Twitter friends in the fediverse. You can also send it to your Twitter friends, as it will show them their friends on Mastodon and point them to where they could make an account!

Already 100+ PeerTube instances and close to 10 000 videos!
PeerTube has proven it works, now let's develop this video-tube alternative to its v1!
#JoinPeerTube on
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Kept expecting this to happen during the Trump, Kim meeting.

Just rediscovered this link.
Ambient music and live NYPD police radio. What's not to like?

With the split between the gas network companies and utility providers its a right pain trying to organize installation of gas supply and a new gas meter.

Kernel panic means you don't get you money back?

How often do you forget & reset passwords? It never happens to me thanks to @Dashlane! Try it: