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Alastair :penguin: @Alastair

Look at that wiggeling tail "Look at that wiggeling tail"

The Motion Of The Ocean: Watching Water Stuck Between A Double-Pane Bus Window via @geekologie

The Complete Guide to Improving Your Online Security and Defending Your Privacy #MakeUseOf

@ksangeelee good 'bad' old days of having to workout section and cylinder start points for you install :D

@thor tartar sauce is a must try too.

@thor salt & vinegar is a must for fish & chips ;)


I just completed the Deploying Containers To DC/OS scenario on Katacoda!

@NeuroWinter its all in the perceptions.

5 Ways to Empty or Delete a Large File Content in #Linux via @tecmint

@ksangeelee passed my driving test in one