One example of how having a learning disabled child is frustrating: when you take your eyes off her for a minute, and she treads mud through the entire house, you can't even be justifiably angry.

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The only emotion I can feel these days without feeling guilty about it is, ironically, guilt.

@Floppy my brother used to 'mess' in his wardrobe, then throw it out of the window, he has stopped doing this but he still does things he shouldn't

@lordbin we’ve not had that one yet, at least. That must take some bearing...

@Floppy he was around 7 or 8. He has mellowed out since. He is 12 now and hasn't done something too gross since

@Floppy If it's any consolation, non-LD kids still do that well into their teens 😬

@Floppy Only if you're there to witness the crime, otherwise they will deny all knowledge and blame a sibling.

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