When All This is over, I seriously expect people to be out with pitchforks.

In the local Tesco. People don't appear to be panic buying condoms. Not sure what to make of that.

Many data visualisations for #coronavirus use an OpenStreetMap basemap of course. Example: coronavirus.app/?mode=infected 
But there's also been an uptick in OpenStreetMap contributions adding map details in the worst affected areas:twitter.com/jeffdefacto/status

What's everyone's favourite tool for turning ideas into action plans? Something that's more than just a todo list, but not a full project management system.

Seriously contemplating creating a second Birdsite account to post all the smut I don't want associated with my main account.

Those that fail to remember the past are doomed to repeat it, over HTTP

ZigBee has turned out to be a spectacular mess, hasn't it?

New debit card arrived this morning. The numbers are printed on, rather than embossed. Realised there will be a reasonable number of adults who wouldn't understand the significance.

Brexit Party = 5.2 million votes Petition to Revoke Article 50 = 6.0 million

RT @openstreetmap
We support the mission of the Open Source Initiative @OpenSourceOrg and we are happy to announce that the OpenStreetMap Foundation is now an OSI affiliate: blog.openstreetmap.org/2019/05 #opensource #OSI

I finally got around to joining keybase and proving myself on Twitter and GitHub. As with most crypto stuff there's the problem of low adoption but the Proven browser add-on (addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firef) makes it more useful. Just need @Floppy to add this site to the list of Mastodon instances you can confirm yourself on Now.

My nerdy brain keeps poking at the idea of integrating the OpenPGP Web of trust with social media. Then I have a lie down and feel much better.

I should have just got a job on the bins. The pay's better and I'd know some hard blokes.

* Proportional Representation
* Elected upper house
* Elected Head of State
* Recall for MPs
* Move UK parliament out of London
* Land Value Tax
* Basic Universal Income
* Abolish Non-Dom status
* Evidence-based policymaking


Anyone want to guess how much success I'll have installing late-90s Windows games (Half-Life, Forsaken) on Windows 10?

Seriously tempted to post on Facebook: "Anyone in Britain claiming benefits should have to pass the citizenship test. Share if you agree." and see if it gets shared.

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