I'm developing a bit of a PlantUML addiction. Send help.

@Alastair sequence and database diagrams in the web editor, mostly. Got a nice workflow of including them in google docs which is working well. :)

@Floppy auto generating the diagrams or manually?
Looking at it today for generating hierarchical module diagrams for Terraform.

@Alastair manual, I mainly use it for the part of my job where I have to understand other people’s systems. But using it to document terraform stuff seems like another great application.

@Floppy you using any of the IDE plugins in your work flow to generate previews etc?

@Alastair no, though it looks like i should retry the vscode plugin again, it looks good!

@Floppy I ran the server in a docker container, seemed to work well.

Funny timing, that's exactly what I'm picking up at work today :)

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